Photo Of The Week : Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit | Image Resource :

Description : A constant visitor to South Asian countries, I get to experience some wonderful hotels and hospitality centres. On one such visit to the capital city of Thailand – Bangkok, I got to experience one of the finest facilities of the Bangkok Mariott Hotel, Sukhumvit. The Octave bar and Lounge, in the terrace, is a cool relaxation point to wine and dine.


Photo Of The Week : Toshali Sands Hotel Puri

Toshali Sands Hotel Puri

Toshali Sands Hotel Puri | Image Resource :

Summarization : I had been visiting Orissa for some research work and I chose to reside at Toshali Sands Hotel. It’s just a few mile from the main Puri district. All the high class amenities provided will guarantee the most comforting stay of your live. I ended up savoring all the indoor delicacies.

Mayfair Waves Resort Puri – A Haven of Unparalleled Beauty and Luxury

After landing at the Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar, we boarded a private cab so that we could head straight towards the luxurious resort we had booked through the web. It was the Mayfair Waves Resort Puri which is known for keeping guests mesmerized with its world class services.

On our way to the hotel, we could hear the roar of the waves of the mighty Bay of Bengal clashing with the beaches. The hotel is considered to be one of the architectural wonders in Puri and is surrounded by lush green fields and tranquil beaches.

It stands as a living example of the association of the state with culture and holiness. We knew that it is famous for its luxurious space, hospitality, facilities and services. We chose to stay together and were ready to spend some extra money but didn’t want to compromise with luxury.

So we had booked a premium suite at Mayfair Waves Resort Puri which is abounding with a plethora of world class facilities. The hotel is actually a boutique resort equipped with 30 sea facing rooms and four luxurious sites. It boasts of a number of exclusive and contemporary features such as spacious balconies and windows which enable people to have a spectacular view of the landscape especially in the morning sun.

Mayfair Waves Resort Puri

Mayfair Waves Resort Puri | Image Resource :

The view of the tranquil beaches, landscaped garden and swimming pool from the balcony of the suite was hard to forget. The suite was equipped with cosy couches, mini bar and Jacuzzi and bath tub besides a host of unparalleled services.

We were a bit hungry and so freshened up quickly before dining at one of the restaurants inside the Mayfair Waves. It was named as Samudra and offered numerous delicious cuisines and platters found in different corners of the globe. We could easily find that the entire restaurant was made of flawless modernized kitchens along with luxury seating from where you can have a complete view of the beaches.

There is a poolside bar which enables you to enjoy a magnificent view of the mighty Bay of Bengal while enjoying your favourite drinks. We also came to know that the restaurant has all the requisite facilities for organizing business meetings, marriage ceremonies, etc.

Photo Of The Week : Sangam Hotel Madurai

Sangam Hotel Madurai

Sangam Hotel Madurai | Image Resource :

Summraization : I happened to bring a few of my non- Indian clients to some major cities in Tamil Nadu for a project and Madurai proved to be a great hit. The hotel I must say also had a role. My US clients felt at home and we were courteously treated. The staff lent a friendly gesture and even when we had a medical emergency, they were at our disposal for 24 hrs. The food was served well and the rooms were clean.

Lapping In The Luxury Of The Famous Grt Regency- Madurai!

Ahh!! Bliss!! Even though my journey in the flight was only for a matter of 3 hours, there is a sense of pleasure that fills one’s heart when you reach your destination and get to rest your back on the comfort of the soft bed and pillows. The one quirk of travelling is the opportunity to stay at hotels and revel in their services and offers.

After much thought and a thorough search on the Hotel search App, I came across the GRT Regency Madurai. With high rating and wonderful reviews I had decided to go for the hotel and made my reservations. They have wonderful choice of rooms and a very affordable tariff too. Being a bachelor I tend to go for budget hotels and surprisingly, though GRT is a 3 star hotel, it turns out to be a budget and yet quality hotel.

Famous GRT Regency- Madurai

Famous GRT Regency- Madurai | Image Resource :

Placed in the vicinity of the Ramar Temple Lake and the Living World Church, the GRT Regency gives a wonderful view and makes the stay very pleasing to the idea. I took a taxi from the Airport to cover the 13 kilometers to my hotel. A very short trip, the hotel seems almost as close to the airport as to the railway station.

In the Plush Downs of The Hotel Room

The hotel room was a treat to my eyes after the 3-hour flight. Sleek wooden flooring; artistically stylish furnishing and décor were top notch.  Apart from the three conference halls that the hotel hosts, you will also find yourself in the healing hands of the Ayurvedic Therapy center and multiple amenities like the gym, swimming pool, a boutique, health club, Jacuzzi and a shopping area.

Restaurant View in  Famous GRT Regency

Restaurant View in Famous GRT Regency | Image Resource :

The highlight of the hotel is their Multi-Cuisine restaurant Madurai Aahaaram, serving an array of authentic mouth watering North and South Indian, Continental and Chinese gourmet. Each mouthful of the food my palette came across, was mind-boggling treat and a new and unbelievable burst of flavors.

Suite View in  Famous GRT Regency

Suite View in Famous GRT Regency | Image Resource :

Every aspect of the hotel was tastefully designed, to impart the Madurai Culture as well as the latest trends and fashion. My entire stay at the GRT regency was fulfilling and comfortable to the last minute. My every need was catered to and made me feel at home. I hardly felt like I was a stranger in this ancient city.

Ginger Hotel Guwahati – Mesmerizing Food And Warm Hospitality!

Prior to my journey, all those hours I had put into researching about Assam and everything I required there had rewarded me. I had searched various hotel blogs and sites for the best hotel that would suit my budget and satisfy my requirements. Ginger Hotel, Guwahati was one of the hotels with reasonably good prices, with plenty of amenities and was best suited for my stay at Guwahati. I had contacted the hotel earlier and booked one of their smart single rooms.

My Choice Of Staying At Ginger Hotel, Guwahati Was Fruitful!

Located inside the IHM Campus on VIP Road in Guwahati, this hotel provides easy accessibility to visit any place in Guwahati. The hospitality of all the staffs are very warm and the wide array of amenities like Wi-Fi Connectivity, in house restaurant, cozy rooms, laundry, sincere staffs and all other basic necessities required.

Ginger Hotel Guwahati

Ginger Hotel Guwahati | Image Resource :

On the first day I had the privilege to indulge in a beautiful dinner at the hotel and I was truly stunned by the hospitality and the treat their cuisine gave my taste buds. I was truly impressed what Ginger Guwahati Hotel had to offer for the reasonable prices they charged. It is very rare to feel satisfied nowadays, but the Ginger Hotel truly ticks all the right boxes.

I had booked a Single Smart Room, a name that is very apt for the actual room. I say this because they have managed to place everything in a certain order which makes the room feel very cozy and spacious at the same time. The room was small and well furnished along with basic amenities like clean towel, bed sheets, nice air-conditioning system, free Wi-Fi and a T.V. The staffs clean the rooms very often and are very well mannered.

On the morning of my second day at Guwahati I was welcomed by a scrumptious breakfast that I ordered and had a memorable breakfast in bed. The hotel Concierge was very helpful and helped me make taxi arrangements for all my travels and even recommended some places that I should even bvisit!

Jag Niwas – Romanticism amidst the calm waters

I was still in an inner state of trance after my visit to Jagdish Temple. The trip to Udaipur took me to so many amazing places of architectural wonders of the place by now that I wanted to stay in this city for a long time.

There was not a single place that did not blow my mind. I was now headed to another historic destination which was Jagat Niwas. Located amidst the Lake Pichola, Jagat Niwas is an island also known as Jag Niwas and named after its founder Maharana Jagat Singh who built it in the year 1754.

Jag Niwas Udaipur

Jag Niwas Udaipur | Image Resource :

The scenic beauty of the place falls short of words. The stunning Aravallis were on one side and the remarkable palaces on the other with pristine blue waters of the Lake Pichola on all sides, which makes the place the most romantic of all places in the country. The main attraction of the island is the Lake Palace, which used to be known as the Jag Niwas. The idea behind its conception was to make a summer resort for the Royal family of Udaipur. The exteriors of the palace were awe inspiring and makes one crave to take a look of it from inside.

The place was surely like a heaven on the waters. One would like to stay here for a long time and feel the calm and peace offered on all sides. Inside the palace there are series of courtyards, which are aligned with several terraces and fountains. The place surely sent some shivers down my spine. I was confused as to which pictures to capture as the entire palace from all angles was delight to watch.

Jag Niwas or Lake Palace

Jag Niwas or Lake Palace | Image Resource :

The rooms inside the palace were stunning to say the least; it has several rooms by the names of Bada Mahal, Khush Mahal, Ajjan Niwas, which adds many dimensions to its beauty. The palace has now been transformed into a heritage hotel just like many palaces in Rajasthan. The Royal princes who used to be known as ‘Hukum’ are now ‘Hoteliers’. Overall the place is the best location to relax in the evenings amidst the sere waters of the Lake.

As my Udaipur trip was coming to an end I decided to quickly make a visit to another beauty of the city, the Fateh Sagar Lake.