Cooking Classes In Mumbai : A Great Boon To Bachelors!

Hello dear pals, this is Anay Bhide a mechanical engineer by profession. My mechanics of life is, just work very hard at your work and then when things get very monotonous, indulge in breaks which refresh you and give you a fresh perspective of life.

Mumbai Landmarks

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Of late I have been realizing how experimenting with food is helpful to all of us. Especially for bachelors and single people, who have to keep eating out, as they cannot cook. However I found that enrolling in some kind of cookery courses would be helpful. Hence cooking classes in Mumbai was the best idea as I knew it would be extremely helpful to all, so that one can learn to fend for oneself. And the variety of foods, taught in these classes in really good.

Cooking Classes In Mumbai

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Variety of Foods

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Cooking Classes in Mumbai : Simply Mind-Boggling

The love for food is something which is international. So I think the best thing to do is to learn some kind of cooking which will provide great moments for one. I started my research for cooking classes in Mumbai and came away with the best results and a feeling of satisfaction. I found that Aditya’s Cooking classes are functioning since 2003.Their secret is making every ingredient special so that the flavors of the food are enhanced. Right from Biryani, to starters to ice-creams and sandwiches, their rates range from 10,000 to 1000.Real money’s worth I would say.

Aditya’s Cooking Classes In Mumbai

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Then I discovered the delectable cookery class, Mrs.Arora’s cooking classes which started since 1994, famous as she has been interviewed even by All India Radio, newspapers and magazines. The daily classes from 2 to 5.30 cover everything of cooking, in simple easy steps. Plus the weekend classes are an added advantage.

Italian Food

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Authentic Mexican Food

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Indian Food

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Taste Enhancing Cooking Classes In Mumbai : Ever Popular

By chance I also happened to discover Tasty Secret Cooking Classes, which cover Italian, Mexican, Indian, desserts and so much more. The latest I found is the course cum workshop they have for children. I was so glad to hear this, as I felt if one learns to cook since childhood, what a delightful talent one can pick up, to feed oneself!


The Red Walls of Education – American College, Madurai

Being a bachelor I can reminisce my good old days as I walk along the campus of the American College in Madurai. One of the oldest colleges in India, it was founded by the American Christian Missionaries in 1881. This college has had the fortune of the presence of eminent visionaries including the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore himself, delivering his lectures in the Red Bricked Buildings in 1919.

The American College Madurai

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Though the college maintains a low student-faculty ratio, the cutting edge innovation being their Choice Based Credit System, this college is remembered for its autonomy with over 130 years of history in its past. I can’t help but marvel at the effort put forth by both the Americans as well as the Indians in an attempt to ensure maximum options of education and a motivated form of teaching.

Daniel Poor Memorial Library Madurai

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The Courses Offered and the Campus Structure

The college offers 12 PG and 13 UG courses with 7 departments among these involved in research and development. The college also offers courses related to Bio-chemistry, Bio-Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Social Work and Micro-Biology.

There are more innovative courses also on their prospectus, inviting more and eager students who are willing to expand their field of interest. The courses offered have also been given a new age twist, requiring the Science Majors to take up courses in fields of Humanities and contrariwise.

Bell Tower at The American College

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The unique feature one might notice in the college is the Bachelor’s Degree offered in Philosophy, Sociology and Religion, together as a department in it-self. In fact, the American College is the first among the colleges of India to introduce the third gender literature studies in its curriculum. The Study Centre for Indian Literature in English and Translation is a very well known department in the college and has received national as well as international attention.

The American College Mainhall

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The College receives a communicative approach to learning French from Alliance Francaise through a satellite branch at the Department of French. The American College and the Appalachian State University of USA have a memorandum of understanding, providing select students to pursue their UG or PG study for six months to one year in the University of New Carolina.

In short, The American College is an inspiration to the colleges all over India.

Mechanical Engineering – A Brief Insight

What Is Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical engineering is a diverse science. It originates from the need to design machine components. This may include the need to design small machine components like small nozzles and sensors. It may even include the need to create huge machine bodies like the machine tools and spacecrafts.

Why is Mechanical Engineering A Core Branch?
Mechanical Engineering is regarded as a core branch of engineering as it encompasses a vast set of skills and abilities. Apart from this, a mechanical engineer needs to acquire the knowledge and apply it in the proper manner.

Mechanical Engineering

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What Skills Should A Mechanical Engineer Possess?
A mechanical engineer is the person who converts a raw material into a finished good. He must possess a vast variety of skills to achieve this end. He should be able to understand the forces acting on an object or a system when the system is in the moving state. He should also be able to analyse the impact of these forces on the moving system. He should be able to understand the maximum threshold of the component beyond which the component fails.

It is necessary to know the failure limits of nearly any component that is manufactured. This makes mechanical engineering a broad science to the true sense of the word.

Mechanical Engineer Possess

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In which industries do Mechanical Engineers play a central role?

Mechanical Engineers play a key role in the automotive industry. They are the minds behind the design of car chassis, sensors, engine and even the entire transmission system.

Aerospace engineering would never be possible without the backing of mechanical engineers. They design the aircraft engines, aeroplanes, spacecraft and control systems for the aeroplanes.

Biotechnology is a whole new science that is giving humanity a new ray of hope. The minds behind the design and fabrication of implants, fluidic systems and prosthetic devices are none other than mechanical engineers.

The modern day world is ruled by computers and electronic devices. These disk drives, cooling systems and semiconductor devices are all designed by mechanical engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Tips

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The go-green mantra and the energy saving philosophy would have never worked out without these geniuses. They have devised new ways to run devices in energy efficient manner.

Mechanical engineers are the backbone of the modern day living.

Maharaja Sayajirao University Vadodara – An Education Hub

Established in 1881 originally as Baroda College of Science, Maharaja Sayajirao University Vadodara actually became a university in 1949 after the country became independent. It was named so after the former ruler of Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III who belonged to the Gaekwad dynasty of Marathas. It was constructed in order to meet the demands of the people who longed for a completely distinct university. Before this university, all the colleges offering higher education were affiliated to some University which was located very far away. I was really proud for getting the opportunity to visit this historical and well-equipped University.

Maharaja Sayajirao University Vadodara

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This university offers both academic teaching and a residence to its students. It is a university that exclusively offers every course with English as a medium. Various tabloids rank it to be one of the top ten universities in the country. These tabloids include the famous India Today and Hindustan Times. The faculty of arts, which is also the prime building of the university, was conceptualized by Robert Fellowes Chisholm. The dome that is above the convocation hall was inspired by the dome of Gol Gumbaz situated in Bijapur. A local person told me that the logo of the university i.e. full blown Lotus with a centre flame, showed the mind’s triumph over matter with a burning flame of human knowledge illuminating everything.

Fine arts, including classical dance and music are the pride of this university as the Maharaja himself was a patron of classical Indian music. There exists a faculty of economics, faculty of law, faculty of psychology, faculty of family and community sciences, faculty of management studies, faculty social work and many others. The university is well endowed with every facility and is completely sound in all the latest technologies needed at disposal in the academic process.

I was inspired enough to wish I was a part of the Maharaja Sayajirao University Vadodara but it was only too late I realized how unlucky I was to not have been aware of its presence in the country. Well, it was time for my last stop in Vadodara, the Kirti Temple.

Photo Of The Week : Regional Science Centre Tirupati

Regional Science Centre Tirupati

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Description : Out of my professional curiosity and personal excitement, I decided to take off to Regional Science Centre Tirupati on day 3 of my AP trip. The famed institute is established by the Central Government for the benefit of school children – which is truly a great deed! The institute is aimed to create awareness about the importance of science education.

Why should one be a Mechanical engineer?

I am writing this particular blog to help all those kids (10th and 12th students) who are still wondering, why to choose Mechanical engineering as a career! Through this post, I intend to paint a better picture on the topic. So, that you people can have a better understanding on what exactly is mechanical engineering?

According to me, mechanical engineering is the most extensive form of engineering. The main objective of mechanical engineering is designing and production of machines, tools and various equipment is utilized by different industries.

Mechanical Engineering

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As a Mechanical engineer you can also specializes in different operations depending on your interest. This kind of engineering is responsible for the creation of different types of machinery in industries, their development, production, construction, installation, maintenance, operations, and applications. The most popular form of mechanical operations are related to creating engines of installed jets, internal combustion of engines, operations belonging thermal power stations, air conditioning, refrigerators and various other home appliances.

Mechanical engineering is not just a technology used that is used for designing and creation of products but can also be used to come up with technologies that can be used in upgrading and existing products.

In this advanced age, a mechanical engineer has to work in different challenging environments and should have the best knowledge on Information technologies, be capable enough to design or analyse based on the necessity and requirements. An expert engineer should be able to examine the available resources according to their tolerances, mechanism, source of energy etc. Detecting design flaws is one of the most important job of any mechanical engineer. Last but not the least as a professional one must be able to work as a team player.

I believe that mechanical engineers are responsible in building a better future and lifestyle for the society. Today, mechanical engineering is not just about building machines, it is also about merging various technologies and creating things that could make our lives easier. This field has contributed in various fields and changed lives.

Make Your Study More Interesting – Tips and Tricks for GATE Exams

Hi, I am Anay Bhide, a mechanical engineer. I spend most of my time working and studying. I love traveling as it always gives me a break and refreshes my body and mind. I wish to share a few tips with my buddies who have decided to go for the GATE exams. After a thorough analysis, I have arrived at few aspects that can actually make your exam preparations more scheduled, focused and interesting. Though I sail in the same boat like you all, preparing for the exam, following these tips have become useful for me.


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GATE is important for all the engineers who desire to attain a Master’s degree and plan to work in the Public Sector. Here are a few tips that may help you:

Choose Your Favorite Topic

  • Be sure of what actually you want to do and decide on the appropriate subject. You have a choice between 22 subjects, so analyze as to what your focus is all about.
  • The subject you choose must have enough scope for future ventures and must definitely suit your ability and interest.

Type of Questions

  • As all of you are aware, types of questions are objective under various sections – general aptitude and those, which require numerical answers. As negative marks are allotted for incorrect multiple choice questions, you should read and thoroughly prepare to have good scores.
  • The exam will have 65 questions covering the entire topic and you can score a maximum of 100 marks.

Schedule for Exam Preparations

  • The first step is to prepare a friendly schedule and sort subjects according to your interests. Try and glance through various topics in a day, which can help in better concentration.
  • Always begin your preparations by covering the official syllabus. As every subject is vast, you can expect any type of questions from anywhere at all.
  • Initially, you can spend time, understand and avoid incorrect answers. Gradually, you need to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice makes a man perfect’, so practice your calculations using a calculator, so that you can answer speedily.