Experiencing Andhra Thali at Tirupati was Worthwhile

Foods and cuisines have always fascinated me and I love good food. Wherever I go I go never forget to taste some of the local dishes prepared there. Each locality has different dishes and in Andhra Pradesh the thali offered is one of the best in India. Andhra Thali contains rice and a wide variety of curries. During my stay at Tirupati I had the opportunity to have the thali one afternoon. The restaurant where I had the food was renowned for its vegetarian dishes, especially the thalis. I saw that there were a large number of people in the restaurant.

Andhra Thali

Andhra Thali | Image Resource : photos1.blogger.com

I had to wait for some time to get the tali. As it was brought to me, I was amazed on seeing so many curries. It was a large plate with rice in the middle, surrounded by as many as 10 small steel bowls with different curies. I could recognize only sambar and rasam. All other dishes were unknown to me. I was doubtful whether I could finish all that was on the plate. Anyway, I started it, finding each dish tastier than the other. Each had a unique taste of its own. It was a wholesome meal with curd, dal, vegetables, papad, pickles and sweet dish. The sweet dish served was gheer, which was thick and very tasty.

I was told that there were some items without which Andhra Thali is not complete. Mudda Pappu is one such item, which is arhar dal cooked with a little salt, to which some ghee is added. It is a thick curry and you begin the meal by eating rice with it. Rasam is the next item, which a simple dish. Charu is a different version of Rasam, with tomatoes and cloves added to it. The smell of rasam itself increases your appetite. Avakya is another component of a thali, which is a typical mango pickle of Andhra Pradesh. Perugu or dahi, and ghee are other unavoidable components of the thali.

I managed to complete my meal and it was so filling that I was sure that I will not be hungry for hours. If you ever visit Andhra Pradesh, be sure to taste it.

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