Shopping at Laxmi Road Pune – Shopper’s Paradise

Taste of Puneri Misal was lingering on…I walked further down the street and it was perfect time as the markets were opening up for the day. Despite the mall shopping mania these days, Laxmi Road market in Pune is not short of its loyal customers. If you are in Pune, your trip would be incomplete without shopping in Laxmi Road. It is indeed the highlight of the city.

Laxmi Road Pune

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I saw a number of textile shops and it appeared to be one of the major cloth markets in the city. Though there are other lanes with hardware shops, restaurants, street food, fancy items, and decorative items and so on, a huge number of customers were in the cloth market. The market attracted me too; I thought I would purchase something to surprise my mom and my sister. But I had no idea about women’s preferences. My mom used regular salwar suits so I moved to a shop where I saw some pleasant colors. My mom normally uses very light colors and I found a number of patterns and designs there. I picked one of my choices and hoped that mom would be happy. Next was my turn to pick something for my sister. She prefers to wear western clothes. So I moved on that section and wow! I was surprised to see a huge variety and a number of brands. Shopping and bargaining are part and parcel of Pune shopping. It was getting more interesting for me too. I picked up a Capri and T-shirt for my dear sis. I am sure she is going to be surprises. I never even attempt to do any shopping with her or for her. This was the first time I purchased and I was eager to hear her comments.

I walked on to a street of footwear shops. I am familiar only with popular brands in shoes but the market here has a huge variety of stuff that looks fancy as well as durable. I tried out a few for myself. Finally, I picked a pair of shoes, sandals, and guess what the cost was. I purchased both the pairs for just Rs.1200. I had a wonderful shopping experience and it made happy that I saved a good amount on bargaining.