Mayfair Waves Resort Puri – A Haven of Unparalleled Beauty and Luxury

After landing at the Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar, we boarded a private cab so that we could head straight towards the luxurious resort we had booked through the web. It was the Mayfair Waves Resort Puri which is known for keeping guests mesmerized with its world class services.

On our way to the hotel, we could hear the roar of the waves of the mighty Bay of Bengal clashing with the beaches. The hotel is considered to be one of the architectural wonders in Puri and is surrounded by lush green fields and tranquil beaches.

It stands as a living example of the association of the state with culture and holiness. We knew that it is famous for its luxurious space, hospitality, facilities and services. We chose to stay together and were ready to spend some extra money but didn’t want to compromise with luxury.

So we had booked a premium suite at Mayfair Waves Resort Puri which is abounding with a plethora of world class facilities. The hotel is actually a boutique resort equipped with 30 sea facing rooms and four luxurious sites. It boasts of a number of exclusive and contemporary features such as spacious balconies and windows which enable people to have a spectacular view of the landscape especially in the morning sun.

Mayfair Waves Resort Puri

Mayfair Waves Resort Puri | Image Resource :

The view of the tranquil beaches, landscaped garden and swimming pool from the balcony of the suite was hard to forget. The suite was equipped with cosy couches, mini bar and Jacuzzi and bath tub besides a host of unparalleled services.

We were a bit hungry and so freshened up quickly before dining at one of the restaurants inside the Mayfair Waves. It was named as Samudra and offered numerous delicious cuisines and platters found in different corners of the globe. We could easily find that the entire restaurant was made of flawless modernized kitchens along with luxury seating from where you can have a complete view of the beaches.

There is a poolside bar which enables you to enjoy a magnificent view of the mighty Bay of Bengal while enjoying your favourite drinks. We also came to know that the restaurant has all the requisite facilities for organizing business meetings, marriage ceremonies, etc.


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