Lapping In The Luxury Of The Famous Grt Regency- Madurai!

Ahh!! Bliss!! Even though my journey in the flight was only for a matter of 3 hours, there is a sense of pleasure that fills one’s heart when you reach your destination and get to rest your back on the comfort of the soft bed and pillows. The one quirk of travelling is the opportunity to stay at hotels and revel in their services and offers.

After much thought and a thorough search on the Hotel search App, I came across the GRT Regency Madurai. With high rating and wonderful reviews I had decided to go for the hotel and made my reservations. They have wonderful choice of rooms and a very affordable tariff too. Being a bachelor I tend to go for budget hotels and surprisingly, though GRT is a 3 star hotel, it turns out to be a budget and yet quality hotel.

Famous GRT Regency- Madurai

Famous GRT Regency- Madurai | Image Resource :

Placed in the vicinity of the Ramar Temple Lake and the Living World Church, the GRT Regency gives a wonderful view and makes the stay very pleasing to the idea. I took a taxi from the Airport to cover the 13 kilometers to my hotel. A very short trip, the hotel seems almost as close to the airport as to the railway station.

In the Plush Downs of The Hotel Room

The hotel room was a treat to my eyes after the 3-hour flight. Sleek wooden flooring; artistically stylish furnishing and décor were top notch.  Apart from the three conference halls that the hotel hosts, you will also find yourself in the healing hands of the Ayurvedic Therapy center and multiple amenities like the gym, swimming pool, a boutique, health club, Jacuzzi and a shopping area.

Restaurant View in  Famous GRT Regency

Restaurant View in Famous GRT Regency | Image Resource :

The highlight of the hotel is their Multi-Cuisine restaurant Madurai Aahaaram, serving an array of authentic mouth watering North and South Indian, Continental and Chinese gourmet. Each mouthful of the food my palette came across, was mind-boggling treat and a new and unbelievable burst of flavors.

Suite View in  Famous GRT Regency

Suite View in Famous GRT Regency | Image Resource :

Every aspect of the hotel was tastefully designed, to impart the Madurai Culture as well as the latest trends and fashion. My entire stay at the GRT regency was fulfilling and comfortable to the last minute. My every need was catered to and made me feel at home. I hardly felt like I was a stranger in this ancient city.


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