When Adventure Meets Divinity at EME Temple Vadodara

After our amazingly comfortable stay in the sensational Hotel Apex International, we decided to begin our trip with a beautifully crafted temple. The EME Temple Vadodara or the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering corps temple is a beautiful masterpiece of devotion. It is also known as the ‘Dakshinamurty Temple’, a name that is conferred to Lord Shiva and is run by the authorities of Indian Army belonging to the state of Gujarat. The design and concept of the temple is unique in itself. One does not have to be an engineer to witness its magnificence. The temple structure is entirely made up of aluminium sheets and this is one of the main drawing factors for tourists and devotees alike.

EME Temple Vadodara

EME Temple Vadodara | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

Lord Shiva is incorporated as the holy symbol of unity in all religions. The Indian Army officials believe that they should not divide faiths of different religions; hence they build the Eme Temple as a symbol of unity and faith in almighty. The structure illustrates the need for detail present in the army architecture. The pair of domes structures present in the temple are devoted to Hinduism and Islamic culture respectively. The entrance of the temple signifies Jainism and the tower signifies Christianity.

The Golden tip of the temple is dedicated to Buddhism. The temple is thus a living example that God exists in all forms and is restricted to different religions by humans. The EME temple Vadodara is surrounded with green pastures garden and exhibits a collection of antique statues and artefacts. Since photography was prohibited inside the temple, we decided to fill in memories of the temple in our hearts. I also saw a painter who was painting the image of Lord Shiva silently in the temple premises. I was amazed to see the magnificence of the work of the painter.

The entire composition of the EME Temple Vadodara signifies secularism and humanity at a larger level. We left the temple and took several pictures outside the temple as a memento of our trip. With heavy heart we left the temple to embark a new journey and to capture new memories.

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