Aga Khan Palace Pune – A Fabulous Place to Be!

After a great day at the Osho Ashram, I returned to the hotel and cuddled in my bed. I asked for dinner in my room. I had some rotis and dal tadka because I prefer light dinners. I quickly referred to my self-prepared itinerary. The next morning was for Aga Khan Place in Pune. I usually read about places before actually visiting them, because the journey gets more interesting, when you have knowledge about the location. Aga Khan Palace is a splendid and marvelous piece of Mughal architecture. No wonder many arrive there to enjoy the magnificent place and its surroundings.

I woke up to a great morning, had a nice cup of chai, freshened up and came down the stairs of the hotel. I walked to the reception to make a few queries. I asked about the distance to the Palace and how I could get there. The Receptionist told me to hire a rickshaw and is at a short distance of 6km from the hotel. And as it was a working day and mornings…you can imagine…the roads are going to be jammed. I got out and quickly got into a rickshaw and proceeded to the Palace. As expected, traffic everywhere, rickshaw was moving at snail’s pace. It took about 25 minutes to get tot eh Palace.

Aga Khan Palace Pune

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Wow! I was amazed seeing the fabulous structure. A clean, neat and wide road led into the entrance of the Palace. It was fantastic token received from Aga Khan IV by the Indian people as a mark of respect for Gandhiji. The structure was a blend of European and Mughal architecture making it unique. It has five large halls, lengthy corridors, parks and gardens. Gandhi Smarak Committee is the organization taking care of all the maintenance of the palace and the gardens.

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There were a number of visitors and everyone was curious to know about the past and kingly lives. I also came across a board, which mentioned the major events in the palace. The celebrations included Republic Day, Martyr’s Day, Independence Day and Mahashivratri. The Palace is significant as it has the Kasturba Memorial Stone and Gandhiji’s ashes. Many visitors round the year come and pay tribute to the Father of the Nation. Never miss this location whenever you happen to be Pune!