The New Mahindra Scorpio – Muscle and Mileage

Mahindra Scorpio is among the best known and most popular SUV’s in the country. It had been especially designed for the toughest roads in India and now in its third generation it has not disappointed its users.

The people just love this vehicle especially in the suburbs. It has also become extremely popular among bureaucrats and politicians for its sturdiness and safe technology. The latest example in this regard is the Indian Prime Minister’s love for the Scorpio. The Mahindra Scorpio has changed, evolved and improved a great deal since it was first introduced in India.

Scorpio Deccan Turbo

Scorpio Deccan Turbo | Image Resource :

The Mahindra Scorpio always had just one major drawback. Even though it was sturdy and extremely economic in terms of mileage, it was not as comfortable as other popular SUV’s in the same price range.

Scorpio Turbo S4

Scorpio Turbo S4 | Image Resource :

People could go to roughest of roads or even the woods in a Scorpio but even on the smoothest of roads it would give that bad jerk or two. The suspension system has been the focus in the all New Mahindra Scorpio recently introduced in the market. As a mechanical engineer and an automobile enthusiast I have for myself experienced the comfort of the new Mahindra Scorpio and I felt very satisfied by the ride.

New Mahindra Scorpio Side

New Mahindra Scorpio Side | Image Resource :

Moving on to a few ore features. The new ergonomic look and interior design of the new Scorpio are also extremely beautiful and highly efficient. All controls and accessories are easily available from the driver’s seat. A number of new features like improved lighting and music systems are also very satisfying. The new Scorpio does a lot to increase the comfort of the driver and other passengers as well. The new look comes with an improved bumper an tail lamps the vehicle looks even meaner and ready to go.

Mahindra Sorpio Blue

Mahindra Sorpio Blue | Image Resource :

Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio S8 BSIV

Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio S8 BSIV | Image Resource :

The Scorpio is now available in a number of variants. These variants are different both in terms of size and colour. The new steering system is also much more sensitive. The ABS has been improved with the most modern technology in vehicle safety. Other safety logistics such as air bags are also much more effective. All in all most of the loopholes of the older versions have been covered and the Mahindra Scorpio was never any better than this.