Visit One Of The Oldest Harbours In India – Things To Do In Kochi

Hey Guys, I am Anay Bhide and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I work in a core company and more often than not, the job profile requires me to travel to different places, which I think is very interesting. So, recently I had been to the coastal city of Kochi in Kerala, and must say, it was such an amazing experience.

The city, which stands as a port from as early as the mid fourteenth century, was open for the European, Chinese and the Arab merchants, looking for trade. The main occupation around this area is all connected to the sea in one or the other way, which is obvious. However, let me dwell on the things to do in Kochi, in this particular blog post.

Tourist Attraction Of Kerala

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Feast On The Local Cuisines And The Incredibly Delicious Sea Food Varities – Best Things To Do In Kochi

Probably the best experience in Kochi, Scuba diving offers answers to every question that an adventure enthusiast would want to ask. The best of the things to do in Kochi, lot. One could dive into the waters at Mackenzie Gardens, on KJ Herschel Road and experience the marine ecosystem like never before. Proper training is offered, before the dive and necessary precautionary measures are also adopted in case of a mishap.

Scuba Diving In Kochi

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Mackenzie Gardens Kochi

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Another enriching experience is the Kayaking activity, along the backwaters of Kochi. The cost for one hour of this activity ranges from Rs 2000 – 2500. Quite on the cheaper side, considering the magnitude of the experience. Trying out the local cuisines are a few other things do in Kochi.

Local Cuisine In Kochi

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How can one forget wildlife, when talking about Kerala? True to its reputation, the elephant sanctuary tour is a delight to any wildlife connoisseur.

Elephant Sanctuary In Kerala

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Take Your Adventure Spirit To The Next Level By Indulging In Scuba Diving – Things  To Do In Kochi

Swim through your problems, net your priorities and ship back the memories of a lifetime, from Kochi. Remember to let loose and experience true oneness with nature at Kochi. Cheers and have fun!


Grand Palace Bangkok – Depicting Rich Art and Culture

I was up early in the morning and looked fresh; the previous day, we had a great time visiting two popular places in Bangkok and at night we went out to try some Chinese and Thai traditional dishes, which was mostly with fish. The food was sumptuous and contained a lot of herbs. Over the years, I have developed the habit of tasting international foods and cuisines that I come across. The restaurants in Bangkok offer a range of dishes for one to explore and experience.

I woke up from my thoughts when my friends walked to the balcony explaining the day’s itinerary. We had to visit the Grand Palace of Bangkok in the morning. Since the opening hours were scheduled between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm, we had to hurry up. The Grand Palace is located on the Na Phra Lan Road in the Old City and we had to hire a cab to reach the place.

Amazing VIew of Grand Palace

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Frankly speaking, the dazzling palace was a treat to the eyes that they looked marvelous in the sun. I have learned about this palace on the Internet and it said this building has long history of 150 years when it was built by Thai King in 1782. We had to buy tickets costing 500 baht per person to gain entry to the palace.

Walking through the entrance, we had a good view of the palace complex filled with magnificent buildings, including a temple called Wat Phra Kaew. Near the entrance, there is an outer court, which has many building that looked like government offices such as treasury and civil administration.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok | Image Resource :

The central court comprises of many structures depicting the homes of the King and many halls, where the business affairs were held. The inner court, on the other hand, features a miniature city, where the King’s family lived. The architecture of most of the buildings is styled on the European architecture. Nevertheless, they looked spectacular; we were also intrigued by the Boromabiman Hall and Amarinda Hall, which are considered to be the home of King Rama I and the Hall of Justice respectively.

Awesome Design wall in Grand Palace Bangkok

Awesome Design wall in Grand Palace Bangkok | Image Resource :

Finally, we also visited the Royal Reception Halls, which was intricately designed in those days. They are used today for many ceremonial functions. Next, we moved on to visit the Wat Phra Kaew at the corner of the palace complex.

Old Phuket Town – The Town of Century Old Metals

The safari gave us a thrilling experience; it was very exciting to see the animals very near which is not possible in an urban life. It was our last day in Bangkok; we packed our backpacks and set out to see the old phuket town. Being a mechanical engineer the Old Phuket town attracted me a lot as it was famous for its metal a century back.

Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport | Image Resource :

Our plan was to take flight to the Phuket. We booked out flight ticket to Phuket International Airport on Thai airways. Our flight was at 7.45 am and reached the Phuket town at 9.10 am.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways | Image Resource :

We reached the Phuket International Airport on time after traveling for 2 hours 12 minutes. Thai airways offered a convenient journey to us.   Unlike other Thai capitals this town is very old and dull looking. This is a historic place where we found plenty of temples and shrines. Other than this we came across several tiny shops, quaint cafes, public and private museums and so on.

We walked through the old Phuket city on the Thalang, Dibuk and Krabi roads where we explored the wonderful architecture of the century old buildings. The town was built on the prosperity gained on the metal boom of Phuket in the last century. Once metal was a very costly commodity and barons of metals were taken to all parts of the world.

Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town | Image Resource :

We could see the century old Phuket’s barons and houses here. Two types of building are seen here shop-house (Sino-Portuguese style) and the big mansion (Sino-Colonial style).The shop houses were the combed place where people live and do business.

Old World Attraction Phuket Town

Old World Attraction Phuket Town | Image Resource :

We also visited the Phuket Province Hall which was built in the first part of 20th century. It houses the offices of Provincial Governor.  The Phuket Museum was another must see place in this old city.  This 80-year old museum is located at the Montri Road. Though not well maintained it looked gregarious.

We walked through all places and it gave us unique experience. There was no time to explore this town further hence we left the town. It was time for us to wind up our trip and come back to our daily routine.

Yummy Dish Of The of Week : Tom Yum Goong ( Spicy Shrimp Soup )

Tom Yum Goong

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Description : Whenever I visit a new place, I like to taste the local food and capture the nature under my lenses. On one of my a trip to a new destination; I got the opportunity to treat my taste buds with spicy shrimp soup. This soup was like an out of the world kind of soup of which I still remember the taste and the aroma.

Golden Buddha Bangkok – Showcasing Richness and Divinity

The luxury living is not my cup of tea and I have kept myself at a distance when it comes to spending money on luxury items. I have been taught to spend money wisely since my childhood and save money to travel and see places. Bangkok calls for luxurious and extravagant living with international companies setting their offices or showrooms here. They foresee good business opportunities among the immigrant population, which constitute a majority of them.

Bangkok Golden Buddha

Bangkok Golden Buddha | Image Resource :

We had to find the transportation to travel to our next destination, the Temple of Golden Buddha, which is situated on the Yaowarat Road in China Town. This place is near to the Hualampong Railway Station and has trains shuttling from various parts of the city to this place. We reached the place around 2.45 pm and had ample time to visit the temple and museum, which were expected to close by 5 pm.

Golden Buddha Bangkok

Golden Buddha Bangkok | Image Resource :

The Temple of Golden Buddha, popularly called Wat Traimit has the biggest Buddha statue finished in gold. Weighing around five and a half tons, the statue is big enough to measure five meters. A devotee at the temple revealed that the statue was accidently found to be gold since it was hidden under the plaster casing. Explaining it he showed us the pieces of plaster exhibited at the temple as a proof to the story. A key to dissemble the statue was also found near it.

The entry to the temple was free and we walked in to reach at the sanctum sanctorum, where the glittering statue of Buddha was represented in Bhumisparsha Mudra pose. We were told that the original statues of Buddha rest on the pedestal form and they had a flame crowning the ushnisha and it symbolizes the spiritual energy.

We also visited the Bangkok Chinatown Heritage Centre, which offered an exhibition of the origin of the statue. The temple of great prominence offered tranquility and we felt contented after the visit. By then, it was getting dark and we were tired and wanted to refresh. We got out of the temple and walked hurriedly to the wayside restaurant though our mind was still lingering ion the beautiful glittering statue of Buddha.

Photo Of The Week : Anantara Riverside Hotel Bangkok

Anantara Riverside Hotel Bangkok

Anantara Riverside Hotel Bangkok | Image Resource :

Description : When you are out on a trip, a comfortable hotel room gives complete relaxation after a long tiring day. I was lucky to get a booking at Anantara Riverside Hotel, Bangkok that had picturesque surrounding. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped with decor in traditional Thai style. Restaurants provide ample options with awesome dining experience. On your next visit to Bangkok, experience the beauty of this place first hand!

Photo Of The Week : Erawan Shrine Bangkok

Erawan Shrine Bangkok

Erawan Shrine Bangkok | Image Resource :

Erawan Shrine Bangkok :  Give a glimpse of this beautiful and serene place to the spiritual side of yours. The Erawan Shrine is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok, Thailand. It houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu God of creation Lord Brahma. The fond memories of my visit to this historic place have been captured beautifully in lenses by me to cherish for lifetime.