The Top Gadgets exhibited at CES

This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibited some really futuristic gadgets amongst its fans. It had some really amazing concept to look forward to. Most of these gadgets are not ready to be released in the market.

Most of these gadgets will not be available in the market for a while. Let’s not get into that. Following are some of the top 10 gadgets that stood out from all the other exhibits in CES:

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

This is the perfect phone for people who were looking for an android phone with smaller screen. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has an iPhone like appearance. Users will be offered with high end technology along with 20.7MP camera.


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact | Image Resource:

Pebble Steel

If you love watches then this gadget is made for you. I’m talking about the Pebble Steel smart watches. Pebble has created this amazing watch with a brilliant steel finish to give it a regular watch look and make it more masculine and less nerdy.


Pebble Steel | Image Resource:

Sony Life Space UX

Now have the best movie watching experience at your home. Sony’s Life Space UX offers the best 4K projector and turning your home into a giant screen.

Panasonic TV with curves

There were many curved TVs exhibited at CES. But one that stood out was the Panasonic curve TV.  What made this TV special was its design that was curved on both ways.


Panasonic Curves TV | Image Resource:

Polaroid Socialmatic

Another product that was able to catch the user’s attention was the Socialmatic. It is a well-designed 14 Megapixel android camera created by Polaroid. Another amazing feature of this camera is that it can print out 2×3 inches images within few minutes.


Polaroid Socialmatic | Image Resource :

Oculus Rift

You may find this gadget a bit weird. But this headgear is going to revolutionize the world of gaming. This is the mighty Oculus Rift, a virtual reality gaming gadget that takes third person gaming and entertainment to a completely higher level.

These were some of the most brilliant gadgets that were exhibited in CES 2014. However, this was my list so if you have a different one then feel free to share it under comments.


Photo Of The Week : Vishal De Mall Madurai

Vishal De Mall Madurai

Vishal De Mall Madurai | Image Resource :

Vishal De Mall Madurai : The one and very first place for fun, entertainment and quality spending is this mall. The infrastructure can beguile you while all the masti is packed into it! The Inox is the highlight proudly lodged in the fifth and sixth floors. One trip to the mall and it shouldn’t be missed. Bowling and race- car amusements along with children’s play station, really serves the crowd.