Lake Pichola – A Manmade Beauty

The visit to City palace of Udaipur gave a picturesque view of Lake Pichola, so I decided to visit the lake next and see it from close. Lake Pichola of Rajasthan is located in the heart of the city of Udaipur. The lake was built in the year 1362 by Pichu Banjara. It is 5 kms in length and 3 kms in width and a depth of 30 feet.

The surroundings of the Pichola Lake are captivating, the lush green hills, the marvellous palaces; temples can be seen on all side of the lake. I hired a boat and took a ride in the lake to visit the surroundings and capture some shots from my SLR. There are four islands on the lake. First is the Jag Niwas, where the beautiful Lake palace is built. The others are Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir and Arsi Vilas.

Lake Pichola Udaipur

Lake Pichola Udaipur | Image Resource :

The crystal blue colour of the lake had a peaceful impact on me. I felt like staying there for some time, it was a Man made beauty. The Lake palace on the Jag Niwas Island is now a heritage hotel. I also went on the Mohan Mandir Island to click some pictures. Mohan Mandir Island is said to build in the 17th century by Jagat Singh. The Arsi Vilas Island has a big bird sanctuary and on the western shore of the Lake there is Sitamata Game sanctuary.

There is no doubt that Lake Pichola is one of the prominent attractions of the city but it must also be said that the Lake looks in a neglected form. I was appalled to find out that lake is getting polluted due to disposal of sewerage directly into it and also heavy mining and deforestation has had an impact on it. There is an immense need to promote Eco tourism so that the beauty of the Lake is conserved forever.

Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola | Image Resource :

The Lake Pichola boat ride is a must do activity for everyone who happens to visit Udaipur anytime. The Lake has the appeal to make the spectator fall in love with it at the first sight.

After I was done with my boat ride at Lake Pichola I decided to go back to my hotel and take some rest. The next junction in my list was the Kumbhalgarh Fort.


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