Darshan Museum Pune – A Journey through Life!

After a fabulous day of shopping, I thought of visiting Darshan Museum, as I know it is one-of-a-kind museum that reveals the life cycle and teachings of a great saint. I have never visited any ashram or saint’s abode to hear things directly about life in a spiritual manner. This was going to be a maiden experience for me. I had enquired at the hotel about the timings that I could visit the museum. The staff told me that it would be open to the public everyday other than Thursday. The timings are 11am to 7pm.

It was at a walkable distance from the hotel. I began to walk along the road and after about 600m. I reached the location. It is a white building located in a very large area. It is better known as the biographical museum of the great saint and spiritual guru, Sadhu Vaswani. I walked into calm and serene surroundings. Many visitors like me have come to obtain knowledge about the spiritual guru. There is no entry fee as such. All can enter the museum and be a part of the light and sound show, which enlightens every visitor about the great person. The Museum has adopted most innovative technologies to reveal and cast characters on screen through the light and sound show.

I was fortunate to be part of the visual retreat. The show lasted for nearly two hours. It is all about the life of the Sadhu Vaswani and picturizing was fabulous with the latest 3D effects. The show is extraordinary because the background is original whereas the characters are just the projections of light. I enjoyed it thoroughly as you can obtain knowledge about the reality of life as well as admire the latest technology.

Sadhu Vaswani was a great Sindhi scholar and saint and the museum is built in his memory. A charitable organization in his name functions in various sectors like education, healthcare, spiritual teachings, development of rural areas and so on. Film actor Amir Khan inaugurated the Museum in 2011. After the death of the spiritual guru, J.P Vaswani who is also a saint and an educationist manages it. I returned delighted after a worthwhile visit!