Osho Ashram Pune – A place with a difference!

After an awesome journey by Deccan Express, I was enjoying every minute in Pune. As usual, I had already booked my hotel accommodation in Hotel Ashirwad. I had stayed there during my previous visit and I thoroughly enjoyed their services. As I came out of the station, I saw a vehicle of the hotel awaiting my arrival. A polite driver walked up to me and asked me I am Anay. I quickly got into the car and my journey begins here to explore the historical city of Pune.

I had a list of things to do as soon as I arrive in Pune. First place to visit according to my schedule was Osho Ashram. I have heard a lot of controversies about the spiritual leader Rajaneesh and I have heard quite a bit about his Ashram in Pune. He was into meditation and his attitude towards religion was different. But I feel his popularity began to spread after his death. Osho Ashram today is better known as a Meditation Resort. It was close to the hotel where I stayed.

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I walked out of the hotel and hired a rickshaw to get to the Ashram. It is a lavish area in Koregaon Park and is better known as the’ Spiritual Health Club’. The Ashram is open to the public from 10:30am to 02:00pm everyday and every visitor has to pay Rs.70 towards entry fee. As you walk in, you can experience, peace and tranquility and watch a number of devotees dressed in maroon robes. There is a swimming pool, restaurant, meditation center, bookshop, massage and beauty parlor, tennis and basketball court and sauna.

A huge garden named Osho Theerth is also open to all from 6am to 9am where thousand s of people flock together. I was there in the evening, the garden was open from 4pm to 7pm, and that was the daily timings. It was totally a different feeling to be in the campus. It had unique surroundings and some magnetizing factors like the meditation hall. Even though, you are not a follower, it is worth a visit. I enjoyed the day and experience peace of mind.