May This Diwali Bring Joy, Health And Wealth To You.

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Engineer is my vocation I am always creating something in my professional field. But creation of happiness is something which everyone should work on daily. Diwali means spreading the light of happiness for all. And I intend to do just this, this Diwali is going to be special with wonderful online messages I have discovered.


Photo Of The Week : Princess Mother Memorial Park Bangkok

Princess Mother Memorial Park Bangkok

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Summarization : I was born in a traditional family and Navratri was a great festival that we always looked forward to. Ghatasthapana is the day when a kalash of holy water , which is considered as symbol of Goddess Durga is placed in the puja room and for all the 9 days of Navratri it is worshipped. Its lot of fun and this festival is always full of fun and gaiety!

Sudarshan Craft Museum Puri – Must Visit Place for Art Lovers

After exploring every nook and corner of the massive hotel, we went to sleep a bit early as we didn’t want to be late to start our journey the next day. However, before that, we went for a long walk along the beach during the night. We got up early in the morning and ordered breakfast right in our room. The room services were excellent and the staff members didn’t give the opportunity for any complain. We hired a cab and decided to start our journey with the Sudarshan Craft Museum Puri.

We knew that it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country. It is located in what is known as the Station Road and started operations in the year 1977. On reaching the site, we came to know that the name of the Museum has been derived from its founder, Shri Sudarshan Sahoo. And as expected, the museum is full of different types of artistic works created by Sudarshan Sahoo. We could easily spot many magnificent pieces of art engraved in unique canvas materials like fibre glass, stone, wood.

Sudarshan Craft Museum Puri

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There were many fine paintings and handicraft items as well. We could also spot a Buddhist temple located inside the premises of the museum. The temple was built in traditional Japanese style and is accompanied by a workshop and a library. There is no doubt about the fact that the museum is a must visit place especially if you are a big fan of Indian art.

One of the members of the Museum told us that Shri Sudarshan Sahoo laid the foundation of the Museum in 1977 after he came back from Japan where he had decorated the Atami Stupa. It is believed that Shri Sahoo had been creating different forms of art through sculptures made of wood and stone in his ancestral home located in Kumuti Sahi. However, after travelling to different parts of the country and abroad, he decided to set up an institution which will act as a showroom, workshop or platform for artists who are willing to showcase their talent to the world.

The Top Gadgets exhibited at CES

This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibited some really futuristic gadgets amongst its fans. It had some really amazing concept to look forward to. Most of these gadgets are not ready to be released in the market.

Most of these gadgets will not be available in the market for a while. Let’s not get into that. Following are some of the top 10 gadgets that stood out from all the other exhibits in CES:

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

This is the perfect phone for people who were looking for an android phone with smaller screen. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has an iPhone like appearance. Users will be offered with high end technology along with 20.7MP camera.


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Pebble Steel

If you love watches then this gadget is made for you. I’m talking about the Pebble Steel smart watches. Pebble has created this amazing watch with a brilliant steel finish to give it a regular watch look and make it more masculine and less nerdy.


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Sony Life Space UX

Now have the best movie watching experience at your home. Sony’s Life Space UX offers the best 4K projector and turning your home into a giant screen.

Panasonic TV with curves

There were many curved TVs exhibited at CES. But one that stood out was the Panasonic curve TV.  What made this TV special was its design that was curved on both ways.


Panasonic Curves TV | Image Resource:

Polaroid Socialmatic

Another product that was able to catch the user’s attention was the Socialmatic. It is a well-designed 14 Megapixel android camera created by Polaroid. Another amazing feature of this camera is that it can print out 2×3 inches images within few minutes.


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Oculus Rift

You may find this gadget a bit weird. But this headgear is going to revolutionize the world of gaming. This is the mighty Oculus Rift, a virtual reality gaming gadget that takes third person gaming and entertainment to a completely higher level.

These were some of the most brilliant gadgets that were exhibited in CES 2014. However, this was my list so if you have a different one then feel free to share it under comments.

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore – Home of Mind-Blasting Rides

I was excited for this particular place called Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore as rides are my weakness since childhood. I remained alert all the time whenever there was talk of amusement parks and their rides. This amusement park is also located in the city of Kochi. It provides a sense of enthusiasm and positivity towards the life. Family and friends become familiar to each other. Kids become closer to their parents and love and joy bloom all over. Amusement park of Bangalore is flocked with all these features.

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

The park is packed with 56 rides full of thrilled and unforgettable experience. I was so confused that I could not decide from where to start. I went to the map guideline to sort out my confusion and from there my thrilling journey got started. I took the initiative to hit the toughest and the most thrilling rides of the park. There is a thrilling ride called Wavy and Vertical Fall which starts from the good height and falls steep and deep into the water pool splashing water all over. The timid heart would unable to take the chance. Insanity is the other mind-blasting ride, which definitely makes the rider go out of the mind. The hydraulics that is used is simply out of the world and heart patients are not allowed to be seated in this ride. I went to the ride called Equinox was fearful by sight itself and I thought number of times whether to try this ride or not but at last took the chance and dropped down with silence for a while.

My whole of the body system went mishmash by the ride of 25 seats and legs dangling in the air. This super fast ride is an unending experience for the lifetime. There are lots of them to be overjoyed like Hurricane, Y-Scream, Drope Zone, and many others but was not possible for me to get thrilled on all of them. It was leaving time and Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore remained in my heart forever with such a delightful experience to be shared. It was the time for the next place to be conquered and overwhelmed.

Time pass : Worth the Time You Pass

Time pass is a Marathi Movie that was a fabulous hit of 2014. The movie is directed by Ravi Jadhav who started his career as a director with the movie Natrang. HIs other movies Balak Palak and Balgandharva have also been successful in the industry. The movie Time pass is really worth the time you spend in the theatre. It speaks of first love, which is irrespective of the various parameters like socio-economic conditions, class, education and many others.

Time Pass Movie

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Prathameshwar Parab who plays the role of Dagdu in this movie is shown as the son of a Rickshaw driver. He has flunked his examination and has been thrown out of school. He starts working as a newspaper delivery boy in order to make some money. In one house where he goes to deliver the newspaper, he falls in love with the daughter of Lele who is his archenemy.

Ketaki Mategaonkar plays the role of Prajakta, the daughter of Lele. The relation, which blossoms between the two, is shown with grace. The small pleasures of first love like meeting secretly have been portrayed well. The best part of this movie is the delicate beauty with which they have shown the romance of the eighties.

Dagdu is shown to sing beautiful songs for his love. They have also shown Prajakta doing a monologue in front of the mirror very well. The director has been able to portray the storyline very clearly. He wisely pulls you to the world of Dagdu.

Like any story of first love, the movie ends when Prajakta’s family shift to another place. The tragic end has a plus point to it. Dagdu tells the audience that it is not time pass and he will work to stand up to the standards of his first love.

The movie is sure another feather to director Ravi Jadhav’s cap. He has been able to direct a movie that the Marathi audience can thoroughly relate to. The end and the positive message makes it a very positive movie. It is a worth watching movie. It offers complete value for the money you invest in the movie tickets.

Why I loved watching “Mangalashtak once more”!

It is surprising that being a movie buff; I have still not posted anything related to movies. I have a huge collection of DVD in the showcase (around 103 Indian as well as foreign movies). I am quite passionate about my movie choices and preference. My Parents always say that if I was not a mechanical engineering, I would rather a movie critic.

My love for films starts from Indian cinema to world cinema. I recently watched this movie called “Mangalashtak once more.” I have been the fan of this movie since then. One of the best Marathi movie of 2013 crossing more than 30 crore.

Mangalashtak once more marathi movie

Mangalashtak once more marathi movie | Image Resource :

This movie brings together two of the most talented actors from the Marathi film industry, Mukta Barve and Swwapnil Joshi. Muktha and Swwapnil play wife and husband in this movie. The Story revolves around their married life, it is the ups, and down and how they cope with it.

“Mangalashtak” is a mantra that is chanted during a Hindu marriage. Therefore, the title itself suggest that this movie is about a married couple. You may asked what is so unique about this story. I watched the movie with my family and remember my father telling me “This is the real love story of every married couple.” The director Sameer Joshi. Has successfully portrayed story of this sweet couple in a very “realistic” way, something that we do not get to see in movies today.

“Mangalashtak once more” portrays the issues faced by the audiences in humorous as well as sensitivity manner. However, unlike other movies the writer and the director does not try to lecture with the usually philosophies of life that we have heard in numerous films.

The movie tells story of a regular middle class couple, which is perfectly, shape incorporating regular but critical issue faced in a marriage. The sparkling chemistry between Mukta (Aarti Pathak) and Swwapnil (Satyajit Pathak) has made the frustration, anger, and love between the couple even more believable.