From Mumbai to Guwahati – A Journey To Cherish!

Being an avid traveler I have always wanted to visit the beautiful state of Assam in the North-East area of India. Ever since I got a job, I have been ticking off places from my bucket list and Assam was the next in queue. I’ve always had an adventurer cum traveler spirit in me; the spirit however could only be released ever since I had a steady job in the past few years. I love exploring new places and I enjoy experiencing all the adventures a place has to offer.

I had been doing a lot of research on traveling from my hometown Mumbai to Guwahati and finally after countless hours I decided to go by the Guwahati Express. It starts from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) in Mumbai and it would take me to Kamakyha Junction (KYQ) which is located in Maligaon in Guwahati. I booked the tickets through Indian Railway’s Train Booking App, two months prior to my journey and was very satisfies by the Indian Railway’s App.

Guwahati Express

Guwahati Express | Image Resource :

My journey started on a beautiful sunny day in Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and the Guwahati Express arrived on time, I cherished this moment as it was the beginning of my journey and I boarded the train with all my bags. The journey was very long but it felt the contrary to me due to the scenic beauty of the various beautiful states we went through. Almost fifty hours after I had begun my journey the train slowly inched towards my destination, Kamakyha Junction in Guwahati, Assam.

Assam – A Land of Unparalleled Beauty And Culture!

The Assam chapter of my journey commenced and I was excited as a little schoolgirl when I exited the train and set my foot on the platform of Kamakyha Junction in a really beautiful and cool atmosphere. The hospitality of the people in the railway station from the luggage wallas to the taxi drivers was very unlike what I was used to see back in Mumbai. They make you feel like one of them and are really attentive to all the questions and queries I had.


Train Travel from Mumbai to Chennai by Chennai Mail – A Beginning of My Exciting Trip to South India

To unwind from my hectic lifestyle, I decided to take a short break from work and the best thing was to travel by the train from Mumbai to Chennai by Chennai Mail and soak up the sights and sample the native food and just relax. I started from my residence by hailing a cab and reached the CST station 30 minutes prior to my departure that was scheduled at 11.45 PM.  After a simple dinner at home, I was looking forward to a quiet siesta in the train to recharge my already worked up batteries. Since I had some spare time on my hands before I could board the train, I took out my SLR and started clicking away pictures of weary travelers awaiting their train, some of which were supposed to depart the next day.

Chennai Mail

Chennai Mail | Image Resource :

Since they had nowhere to stay for the night, they were camping on the already crowded platforms. The train came in at 11.30 PM; some clean-up staff was still giving the final touches to the cleaning of the couch. I boarded the compartment, arranged my baggage, and settled down in my seat waiting for the train to depart.

The train departed on time at 11.45 PM. The pantry staffs were moving up and down selling their wares and late night snacks and dinner for the ones who did not have the privilege to eat before boarding the train. The first halt after CST was Dadar where many passengers got in. After Kalyan station, the train picked up speed I settled down on the berth for a good night’s rest.

Midway say about 3.00 AM there was a huge scream from a woman passenger and all woke up wondering as to what must be the reason behind the scream. Thankfully it was nothing just a routine nightmare the women was having in her sleep. Heaving a sigh, I continued with my sleep that was now a little difficult to come by.

Finally, I woke up from sleep by 6.00, got fresh and waited for my cuppa of coffee. Then after a breakfast of soggy idlis and more cups of tea and coffee, I settled down with my camera to click photographs of all the major stations on the journey to Chennai. Especially stations like Gulbarga, Kem and Sholapur junction were good for photography and then waiting for the setting sun pictures in Guntakal and Gooty. The train was supposed to reach Chennai central at by 4.00 in the morning the day after. Thankfully, the train travel from Mumbai to Chennai by the Chennai Mail turned out to be uneventful until I disembarked at 5.00 AM nearly an hour later.

Train Travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udyan Express – A Journey of Extraordinary Features

Mumbai and Bangalore are the two major sectors of information technology in India. Numberless professionals connect these cities with their job profiles but again some also visit to have a few recreational activities to break the monotony of mechanical life. I was too among them who was fervent to come across Bangalore, the Garden city and so started my train travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udyan Express. It was early morning that I had to leave my home place and move on for a novel journey to Bangalore. Bangalore has favorable climate all the year round and that is the best factor of this city, which draws number of tourists every year to visit the same.

Udyan Express

Udyan Express | Image Resource :

I caught ht train at 8 am and had my breakfast packed from the station’s restaurant itself. Affordable cuisine with great taste is one of my characteristics and I stand on this whenever required. As soon as the Pune junction arrived I plunger out of the train to see the crowd of Pune as I have heard a lot about the educational institutions of the city. As the train halts merely for 5 minutes it was time to roll over. Then the train gushed to different stopovers like Daund junction, Solapur Junction, Ganagapur Road, Shahabad and many others.

Paddy fields, rainbow sky, small huts, farming children are the most fascinating features of travelling by train. Cool breezes that hit the body are the most entertaining part of the train journey. It was evening when I searched for a coffee seller as I stay ready to have coffee whenever I visit southern India. Nalwar, Saidapur, Krishna, Raichur are some of the stations that arrive at night when the train is running on time. The last station which I landed in the evening in search of delicious south Indian cuisines was Wadi.

I had my dinner earlier to have a nice sleep as I like to sleep in the train for its smooth movement, which makes me remind of my early days. However, I could not sleep at that particular day. My train travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udayan Express came to an end the next morning and I came out of station in search of a good hotel.

Train Travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara Junction by Saurashtra Express – State’s Very Own

With the starting of heat waves in the dream city of Mumbai, nature lovers like me tend to navigate for vacation points. My friends and I met every evening at the drama theatre in our office premises and discussed our monthly travel plans. We had previously visited historic places, explored the trekking and camping points near the city and also participated in several drama competitions in and around Maharashtra. We were discussing about the nostalgic moments of the trip when a new member of the troop, who is basically from Vadodara suggested that we visited his home town too. And that’s how we decided to pack our bags and plan a train travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara junction by Saurashtra Express, as suggested by the troop member.

Saurashtra Express

Saurashtra Express | Image Resource :

Our travel group met at Mumbai Central station by early morning around 7 am. The train was scheduled to leave by 8.20 am. When we reached at the station the train was yet to come, so we decided to stand at the expected location of our bogie and wait for others. Since I had carried my DSLR camera with me, which I never miss on such trips, I took some candid pictures of the morning hustle bustle present at the platform and the sunlight train sheds.

Vadodara junction

Vadodara junction | Image Resource :

The train arrived at the station well in advance and we occupied our seats with due caution. After we settled down in the train for the exciting journey, we spoke at length about tales of the city Vadodara. The Saurashtra express is a clean train and mostly reaches on time. We were supposed to get down at Vadodara Junction, where the train reached by five in the evening.

The train travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara junction by Saurashtra Express was a memorable one. We headed straight to the low-budget hotel, which we had booked online and made a headcount of fellow travellers and luggage. After the glorious discussions we had during our journey, we left the Vadodara station with pictures of the upcoming journey running through minds, excited to quench our thirst of travel and enjoyment, as much as we could.

Train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express

Being a mechanical engineer, my life is full of calculations and machines. So whenever I get a few days off, I go visiting places and taking photographs of the places I visit. Last weekend it was Tirupati that I decided to go. Opting for budget travel, I decided to travel by train and booked a ticket in Kanyakumari Express. Travelling with my friends is what I like the most. But this time I had to go alone, since nobody was free to accompany me. Train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express takes on full day.

Kanyakumari Express

Kanyakumari Express | Image Resource :

The scheduled departure of the train from Mumbai station was at 3.45 pm. So I packed my bags in the morning, taking care to put all the necessary items in the bag, especially my SLR camera, since I am interested in photography. I had my lunch and took a cab to the station, and reached the station at 3.15 pm. As usual, the station was very crowded with commuters and their relatives, porters and vendors. The announcement was going on and learnt that my train was already on the platform. I got in and took my seat putting my bag under the seat. I had booked my ticket in AC three tier and saw that the a family with two children were the other accuppants in the compartment.

Soon the coach was filled with passengers, all busy talking and searching their seats. By the rime the train took off, all were well settled, eager to reach their destinations. I began talking with the two boys sitting next to me and learnt that they were going to Kanyakumari to spend their vacations there. Their grandparents stay at Trivandrum and they plan to visit them also. Their father was a business man and I had a long conversation with him.

The dinner I had from the canteen and then I got into my berth reading a book. Soon I drifted off to sllep, dreaming about Tirupati and the places that I would visit there. The nest day was a sunny day, and the train reached Tirupati by 3.15 pm. I got down, eager to reach my hotel and have a wash. The train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express was truly enjoyable.

Train Travel from Mumbai To Madgaon by Mandovi Express

Most of my precious times of the past are spent either working or travelling and roaming. Getting lost in a new city is my favorite hobby. Exploring new places and capturing their beauty in my camera is my passion. These things rejuvenate me and relieve me of my work pressure. As a mechanical engineer, I get a very little time to pursue my fervor, but I somehow manage to steal some time for that. This time, I decided to visit a beautiful beach place – Goa, and discover the place along with my camera. So I booked my tickets for Goa via train in Mandovi Express. Travel by train is not only cost-effective but also an amazing means to meet new people and experience the beauty of the journey.

Mandovi Express

Mandovi Express | Image Resource :

There is no particular reason for this habit of visiting new places. It all started during my childhood when my father used to take us all to new places and make us know about our rich Indian culture and heritage. It started building some hunger for exploration.

My reservations were confirmed for the train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Madgaon (MAO) by Mandovi Express. The train was scheduled at around 7:10 in the morning from the CST station. I was all set to leave on the day with my bags packed and spirits high. Bubbling with excitement, I left home so as to reach the station well before time. I reached station at 7 am. It was a chilly winter morning, so I quickly occupied my seat in the train and settled myself. My seat was in the third AC coach. The train was packed with people going to Madgaon, mostly for spending a vacation. There were couples, who were visiting Goa for a retreat. Soon a chaiwala entered the train and I opted for a cup of tea to get some relief from the cold. The train was scheduled to reach Madgaon at 6:45 pm. It was time and the train gave the siren for the start. While looking forward to a wonderful trip, I started conversation with my fellow passengers.

Train Travel from Mumbai to Kolhapur by Mahalaxmi Express – A Pleasant Ride

The life of a mechanical engineer can get stressful at times so I always look forward to the weekend holidays for short trips. These trips re-energize me and refresh my mind. The winter season had just set in and I was overjoyed to manage a 5-day trip to Kolhapur. I did all my packing a day in advance. The first on my list was my SLR camera, which is my best buddy. I bought new batteries and checked the memory card of the camera. Two of my friends from office joined in for the trip as well. It always helps to have like-minded people to accompany us on trips. The train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Kolhapur (KOP) by Mahalaxmi Express was the beginning of a short and sweet trip.

Mahalaxmi Express

Mahalaxmi Express I Image Resource :

We had taken our luggage to work from where we had decided to leave in the evening. It was convenient as all of us had a bag as a piece of luggage. Having reached the station an hour before the scheduled departure of the train, we grabbed a bite at the station itself. The train started in time and soon we were off towards our destination. We quickly settled down on our seats and relaxed ourselves. We spent time chatting and playing cards with each other. The camaraderie between each other was worth noting. On our way to the station, we had packed food for our dinner from one of the restaurants. At 10:30 pm we ate our lunch. It always feels great to eat together with your buddies. The banter and leg-pulling between each other set the tone for the rest of the journey.

The train was travelling well. We had booked general class tickets as we had a budget to maintain and it was winter. The co-passengers were jovial as well. We slept around mid-night. After a good night’s sleep, we were woken up by one of the co-passengers. The train was about to enter Kolhapur. The train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Kolhapur (KOP) by Mahalaxmi Express was a pleasant ride. We went to Hotel Jotiba where we had done the bookings.