Make Your Study More Interesting – Tips and Tricks for GATE Exams

Hi, I am Anay Bhide, a mechanical engineer. I spend most of my time working and studying. I love traveling as it always gives me a break and refreshes my body and mind. I wish to share a few tips with my buddies who have decided to go for the GATE exams. After a thorough analysis, I have arrived at few aspects that can actually make your exam preparations more scheduled, focused and interesting. Though I sail in the same boat like you all, preparing for the exam, following these tips have become useful for me.


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GATE is important for all the engineers who desire to attain a Master’s degree and plan to work in the Public Sector. Here are a few tips that may help you:

Choose Your Favorite Topic

  • Be sure of what actually you want to do and decide on the appropriate subject. You have a choice between 22 subjects, so analyze as to what your focus is all about.
  • The subject you choose must have enough scope for future ventures and must definitely suit your ability and interest.

Type of Questions

  • As all of you are aware, types of questions are objective under various sections – general aptitude and those, which require numerical answers. As negative marks are allotted for incorrect multiple choice questions, you should read and thoroughly prepare to have good scores.
  • The exam will have 65 questions covering the entire topic and you can score a maximum of 100 marks.

Schedule for Exam Preparations

  • The first step is to prepare a friendly schedule and sort subjects according to your interests. Try and glance through various topics in a day, which can help in better concentration.
  • Always begin your preparations by covering the official syllabus. As every subject is vast, you can expect any type of questions from anywhere at all.
  • Initially, you can spend time, understand and avoid incorrect answers. Gradually, you need to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice makes a man perfect’, so practice your calculations using a calculator, so that you can answer speedily.