Why I loved watching “Mangalashtak once more”!

It is surprising that being a movie buff; I have still not posted anything related to movies. I have a huge collection of DVD in the showcase (around 103 Indian as well as foreign movies). I am quite passionate about my movie choices and preference. My Parents always say that if I was not a mechanical engineering, I would rather a movie critic.

My love for films starts from Indian cinema to world cinema. I recently watched this movie called “Mangalashtak once more.” I have been the fan of this movie since then. One of the best Marathi movie of 2013 crossing more than 30 crore.

Mangalashtak once more marathi movie

Mangalashtak once more marathi movie | Image Resource : hmmhouston.org

This movie brings together two of the most talented actors from the Marathi film industry, Mukta Barve and Swwapnil Joshi. Muktha and Swwapnil play wife and husband in this movie. The Story revolves around their married life, it is the ups, and down and how they cope with it.

“Mangalashtak” is a mantra that is chanted during a Hindu marriage. Therefore, the title itself suggest that this movie is about a married couple. You may asked what is so unique about this story. I watched the movie with my family and remember my father telling me “This is the real love story of every married couple.” The director Sameer Joshi. Has successfully portrayed story of this sweet couple in a very “realistic” way, something that we do not get to see in movies today.

“Mangalashtak once more” portrays the issues faced by the audiences in humorous as well as sensitivity manner. However, unlike other movies the writer and the director does not try to lecture with the usually philosophies of life that we have heard in numerous films.

The movie tells story of a regular middle class couple, which is perfectly, shape incorporating regular but critical issue faced in a marriage. The sparkling chemistry between Mukta (Aarti Pathak) and Swwapnil (Satyajit Pathak) has made the frustration, anger, and love between the couple even more believable.


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