Time pass : Worth the Time You Pass

Time pass is a Marathi Movie that was a fabulous hit of 2014. The movie is directed by Ravi Jadhav who started his career as a director with the movie Natrang. HIs other movies Balak Palak and Balgandharva have also been successful in the industry. The movie Time pass is really worth the time you spend in the theatre. It speaks of first love, which is irrespective of the various parameters like socio-economic conditions, class, education and many others.

Time Pass Movie

Time Pass Movie | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Prathameshwar Parab who plays the role of Dagdu in this movie is shown as the son of a Rickshaw driver. He has flunked his examination and has been thrown out of school. He starts working as a newspaper delivery boy in order to make some money. In one house where he goes to deliver the newspaper, he falls in love with the daughter of Lele who is his archenemy.

Ketaki Mategaonkar plays the role of Prajakta, the daughter of Lele. The relation, which blossoms between the two, is shown with grace. The small pleasures of first love like meeting secretly have been portrayed well. The best part of this movie is the delicate beauty with which they have shown the romance of the eighties.

Dagdu is shown to sing beautiful songs for his love. They have also shown Prajakta doing a monologue in front of the mirror very well. The director has been able to portray the storyline very clearly. He wisely pulls you to the world of Dagdu.

Like any story of first love, the movie ends when Prajakta’s family shift to another place. The tragic end has a plus point to it. Dagdu tells the audience that it is not time pass and he will work to stand up to the standards of his first love.

The movie is sure another feather to director Ravi Jadhav’s cap. He has been able to direct a movie that the Marathi audience can thoroughly relate to. The end and the positive message makes it a very positive movie. It is a worth watching movie. It offers complete value for the money you invest in the movie tickets.


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