Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore – Home of Mind-Blasting Rides

I was excited for this particular place called Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore as rides are my weakness since childhood. I remained alert all the time whenever there was talk of amusement parks and their rides. This amusement park is also located in the city of Kochi. It provides a sense of enthusiasm and positivity towards the life. Family and friends become familiar to each other. Kids become closer to their parents and love and joy bloom all over. Amusement park of Bangalore is flocked with all these features.

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore | Image Resource : randomlittlemusings.files.wordpress.com

The park is packed with 56 rides full of thrilled and unforgettable experience. I was so confused that I could not decide from where to start. I went to the map guideline to sort out my confusion and from there my thrilling journey got started. I took the initiative to hit the toughest and the most thrilling rides of the park. There is a thrilling ride called Wavy and Vertical Fall which starts from the good height and falls steep and deep into the water pool splashing water all over. The timid heart would unable to take the chance. Insanity is the other mind-blasting ride, which definitely makes the rider go out of the mind. The hydraulics that is used is simply out of the world and heart patients are not allowed to be seated in this ride. I went to the ride called Equinox was fearful by sight itself and I thought number of times whether to try this ride or not but at last took the chance and dropped down with silence for a while.

My whole of the body system went mishmash by the ride of 25 seats and legs dangling in the air. This super fast ride is an unending experience for the lifetime. There are lots of them to be overjoyed like Hurricane, Y-Scream, Drope Zone, and many others but was not possible for me to get thrilled on all of them. It was leaving time and Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore remained in my heart forever with such a delightful experience to be shared. It was the time for the next place to be conquered and overwhelmed.


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