Aguada Fort Goa – A Glimpse of the History

After spending a serene morning at the Miramar Beach, I made my way to my next site, which was the Aguada Fort. I hired a transport mode and headed towards the Sinquerim Beach in Goa, where the fort was situated. On reaching the fort, I was spellbound by the picturesque view of the fort. The beauty of the place can’t be put in words. It took me a few moments to gather myself and move further, but before that I clicked numerous pictures of the fort with water spattering around it and lush-green forests surrounding it.

As I entered the premises of the fort, I was reminded by various glimpses from our Bollywood movies that have been shot here. Fort Aguada was built in 1612 by Portuguese rulers to provide fresh water supply to their ships, which used to pass by the Arabian Sea. The name Aguada in Portuguese means ‘Watering place’.

Aguada Fort Goa

Aguada Fort Goa | Image Resource :

Aguada fort comprises of two sections – one lower fort and one upper. The lower fort was all surrounded by bastions, and was basically made to ensure a safe cover for the Portuguese ships. The upper fort was utilizing as a watering station for the ships. On further exploration of the place, I could see a gunpowder room and a lighthouse as well. This enfolds another reason to build this fort that must be to protect the Portuguese establishments from the attacks of Dutch and Marathas.

Aguada Fort Goa

Aguada Fort Goa | Image Resource :

It was a treat to visit this place. You can imagine the experience that anyone can have when on a cool airy day, standing amid green forests, with roaring sea waves in front and cool breeze blowing trough your hair, facing the Arabian Sea with its waves rising high as if wanting to touch the sky and numerous ships appearing so puny in the giant sea. The chirping of birds made the scene even more mesmerizing. I clicked a number of pictures to keep this place in my memory forever. I spent the whole evening at that place and felt so contented while returning back. This place is a must-visit place in Goa.


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