The Miramar Beach Goa – A Beautiful Place to Explore

The next day to my arrival at Madgaon, I was all set to explore this fascinating place. The first destination that I chose to visit was obviously a beach – the Miramar Beach.

Miramar Beach Goa

Miramar Beach Goa | Image Resource :

I had researched enough about the beach well in advance. The beach was located very close to the capital city of Goa, which is Panaji. The beach is also named as Gaspar Dias. The name Miramar holds a meaning in Portuguese language – ‘viewing the sea’. The beach also marks a geographical significance as it is at this point where water from Mandovi River merges with that of the Arabian Sea.

I soon reached the most awaited site. The dense canopy of tall palm trees was giving a mesmerizing appearance to the beach with the sounds of splashing water. I started walking alongside the beach with soft sand soaking my feet. I was engrossed with the aura of the surrounding nature.

Miramar Beach Goa

Miramar Beach Goa | Image Resource :

There were many people at the beach, mostly couples, who were enjoying in this scenic beauty. Some were roaming around holding hands while some were relaxing in the shade of the trees, and some making sand castles. The climate was a little moist and cold. I went up to a group of young students who were enjoying a trip in Goa. They told me that Miramar enjoys a temperate and pleasant climate for most time of the year, except in May when it is terribly hot and exceptionally humid.

There were a lot of makeshift shops present on the beach. Some shops were offering the local eateries and cuisines while most of them were selling colored stone artificial jewelry. There were rings, earrings, stones, etc made up of colored shells. Though the quality wasn’t that good but they were very attractive, especially for women!

It is advisable to settle down the price and bargain before buying these stuffs. The main attraction of the beach is the large number of migratory birds that visit this beach. I could see a lot of beautiful migratory birds such as plovers and gulls and clicked a lot of pictures of them.


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