Why should one be a Mechanical engineer?

I am writing this particular blog to help all those kids (10th and 12th students) who are still wondering, why to choose Mechanical engineering as a career! Through this post, I intend to paint a better picture on the topic. So, that you people can have a better understanding on what exactly is mechanical engineering?

According to me, mechanical engineering is the most extensive form of engineering. The main objective of mechanical engineering is designing and production of machines, tools and various equipment is utilized by different industries.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering | Image Resource : thehindu.com

As a Mechanical engineer you can also specializes in different operations depending on your interest. This kind of engineering is responsible for the creation of different types of machinery in industries, their development, production, construction, installation, maintenance, operations, and applications. The most popular form of mechanical operations are related to creating engines of installed jets, internal combustion of engines, operations belonging thermal power stations, air conditioning, refrigerators and various other home appliances.

Mechanical engineering is not just a technology used that is used for designing and creation of products but can also be used to come up with technologies that can be used in upgrading and existing products.

In this advanced age, a mechanical engineer has to work in different challenging environments and should have the best knowledge on Information technologies, be capable enough to design or analyse based on the necessity and requirements. An expert engineer should be able to examine the available resources according to their tolerances, mechanism, source of energy etc. Detecting design flaws is one of the most important job of any mechanical engineer. Last but not the least as a professional one must be able to work as a team player.

I believe that mechanical engineers are responsible in building a better future and lifestyle for the society. Today, mechanical engineering is not just about building machines, it is also about merging various technologies and creating things that could make our lives easier. This field has contributed in various fields and changed lives.


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