Train Travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara Junction by Saurashtra Express – State’s Very Own

With the starting of heat waves in the dream city of Mumbai, nature lovers like me tend to navigate for vacation points. My friends and I met every evening at the drama theatre in our office premises and discussed our monthly travel plans. We had previously visited historic places, explored the trekking and camping points near the city and also participated in several drama competitions in and around Maharashtra. We were discussing about the nostalgic moments of the trip when a new member of the troop, who is basically from Vadodara suggested that we visited his home town too. And that’s how we decided to pack our bags and plan a train travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara junction by Saurashtra Express, as suggested by the troop member.

Saurashtra Express

Saurashtra Express | Image Resource :

Our travel group met at Mumbai Central station by early morning around 7 am. The train was scheduled to leave by 8.20 am. When we reached at the station the train was yet to come, so we decided to stand at the expected location of our bogie and wait for others. Since I had carried my DSLR camera with me, which I never miss on such trips, I took some candid pictures of the morning hustle bustle present at the platform and the sunlight train sheds.

Vadodara junction

Vadodara junction | Image Resource :

The train arrived at the station well in advance and we occupied our seats with due caution. After we settled down in the train for the exciting journey, we spoke at length about tales of the city Vadodara. The Saurashtra express is a clean train and mostly reaches on time. We were supposed to get down at Vadodara Junction, where the train reached by five in the evening.

The train travel from Mumbai Central to Vadodara junction by Saurashtra Express was a memorable one. We headed straight to the low-budget hotel, which we had booked online and made a headcount of fellow travellers and luggage. After the glorious discussions we had during our journey, we left the Vadodara station with pictures of the upcoming journey running through minds, excited to quench our thirst of travel and enjoyment, as much as we could.


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