Flea Market of Goa – A Weekly Market Ideal for Shopping

After witnessing the pleasant beauty of the lake, I made plans to roam around in the markets of Goa in the evening. Since it was Wednesday, the famous Flea market of Goa was held. So I made plans to visit this market. Commonly known as the Anjuna flea market, it is held at the Anjuna Beach. It is a place to go shopping, drink with fellow people, enjoy and dance over music and just roam around and enjoy the surroundings and goods.

Flea Market of Goa

Flea Market of Goa | Image Resource : 2.bp.blogspot.com

Digging into the history, this market was initiated in 1970s by a foreigner, who wanted to sell off his secondhand used materials such as watches, camera, clothes, etc. Nevertheless, today the market has turned into a major attraction and shopping centre. On exploring the shops, I could see the market packed with people chatting, some bargaining and some like me enjoying looking at the shops and surroundings. The market was full of the of Tibetan craftwork stalls. Among the exhibits were the Nepalese and Kashmiri artifacts, which included jewelry, colored stones, clothes, range of bags, etc. There were shops for Tattoo making as well, where many people were getting a tattoo of names or various designs. Isn’t it painful?

Flea Market Goa

Flea Market Goa | Image Resource : farm4.staticflickr.com

An additional highlight of this famous flea market is the wide range of handmade materials and goods by foreigners, who are either new or are residing in Goa from a long time. These products are not so expensive and are of quality selection. The foreigners also have a unique way of displaying their products by modeling their creations – be it a tattoo or a hairdo or funky jewelry.

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that the Goan culture and surrounding can make you feel more lively and vibrant. The people there have zeal in them and that’s what makes them so unique. I was happy to visit this beautiful place. Regretting that it was my last day in Goa, but filled with the rejuvenating experience, I came back to my hotel as I had to leave the next day to the ever busy city – Mumbai.


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