Visit One Of The Oldest Harbours In India – Things To Do In Kochi

Hey Guys, I am Anay Bhide and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I work in a core company and more often than not, the job profile requires me to travel to different places, which I think is very interesting. So, recently I had been to the coastal city of Kochi in Kerala, and must say, it was such an amazing experience.

The city, which stands as a port from as early as the mid fourteenth century, was open for the European, Chinese and the Arab merchants, looking for trade. The main occupation around this area is all connected to the sea in one or the other way, which is obvious. However, let me dwell on the things to do in Kochi, in this particular blog post.

Tourist Attraction Of Kerala

Tourist Attraction Of Kerala | Image Resource :

Feast On The Local Cuisines And The Incredibly Delicious Sea Food Varities – Best Things To Do In Kochi

Probably the best experience in Kochi, Scuba diving offers answers to every question that an adventure enthusiast would want to ask. The best of the things to do in Kochi, lot. One could dive into the waters at Mackenzie Gardens, on KJ Herschel Road and experience the marine ecosystem like never before. Proper training is offered, before the dive and necessary precautionary measures are also adopted in case of a mishap.

Scuba Diving In Kochi

Scuba Diving In Kochi | Image Resource :

Mackenzie Gardens Kochi

Mackenzie Gardens | Image Resource :

Another enriching experience is the Kayaking activity, along the backwaters of Kochi. The cost for one hour of this activity ranges from Rs 2000 – 2500. Quite on the cheaper side, considering the magnitude of the experience. Trying out the local cuisines are a few other things do in Kochi.

Local Cuisine In Kochi

Local Cuisine In Kochi | Image Resource :

How can one forget wildlife, when talking about Kerala? True to its reputation, the elephant sanctuary tour is a delight to any wildlife connoisseur.

Elephant Sanctuary In Kerala

Elephant Sanctuary In Kerala | Image Resource :

Take Your Adventure Spirit To The Next Level By Indulging In Scuba Diving – Things  To Do In Kochi

Swim through your problems, net your priorities and ship back the memories of a lifetime, from Kochi. Remember to let loose and experience true oneness with nature at Kochi. Cheers and have fun!



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