Golden Buddha Bangkok – Showcasing Richness and Divinity

The luxury living is not my cup of tea and I have kept myself at a distance when it comes to spending money on luxury items. I have been taught to spend money wisely since my childhood and save money to travel and see places. Bangkok calls for luxurious and extravagant living with international companies setting their offices or showrooms here. They foresee good business opportunities among the immigrant population, which constitute a majority of them.

Bangkok Golden Buddha

Bangkok Golden Buddha | Image Resource :

We had to find the transportation to travel to our next destination, the Temple of Golden Buddha, which is situated on the Yaowarat Road in China Town. This place is near to the Hualampong Railway Station and has trains shuttling from various parts of the city to this place. We reached the place around 2.45 pm and had ample time to visit the temple and museum, which were expected to close by 5 pm.

Golden Buddha Bangkok

Golden Buddha Bangkok | Image Resource :

The Temple of Golden Buddha, popularly called Wat Traimit has the biggest Buddha statue finished in gold. Weighing around five and a half tons, the statue is big enough to measure five meters. A devotee at the temple revealed that the statue was accidently found to be gold since it was hidden under the plaster casing. Explaining it he showed us the pieces of plaster exhibited at the temple as a proof to the story. A key to dissemble the statue was also found near it.

The entry to the temple was free and we walked in to reach at the sanctum sanctorum, where the glittering statue of Buddha was represented in Bhumisparsha Mudra pose. We were told that the original statues of Buddha rest on the pedestal form and they had a flame crowning the ushnisha and it symbolizes the spiritual energy.

We also visited the Bangkok Chinatown Heritage Centre, which offered an exhibition of the origin of the statue. The temple of great prominence offered tranquility and we felt contented after the visit. By then, it was getting dark and we were tired and wanted to refresh. We got out of the temple and walked hurriedly to the wayside restaurant though our mind was still lingering ion the beautiful glittering statue of Buddha.


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