My Air Travel from Mumbai to Bangkok by Bangkok Airways – Experiencing the Boutique Service On Board

Hello friends, I am glad to be back with another travel experience and through the blogs I want to give a detail account of the places I visited. A mechanical engineer by profession, I love machines and want to invent one that can be useful to people. Whenever I get time and have enough money to spend I travel to places of historic importance or places with a lot of nature with friends. And I got an opportunity recently to visit Bangkok, which was my dream for some time.

Admittedly, my travel plans are always centered on budget and so is that of my friends. We look for possible options to save money and opt traveling by train or bus if available. The moment we decided to visit Bangkok, everything from flight tickets to hotel accommodation was set within a few minutes. Looking for budget travel, we opted for Bangkok Airways, which has Mumbai Bangkok flights scheduled weekly. We found three flights scheduled to the Suvarnabhumi Airport Mumbai from the Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport.

Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumba

Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai | Image Resource :

We started off on a Saturday, where our flight was scheduled at 1 am from the Terminal 2 of the Mumbai airport. I had the last bus scheduled at 11.30 pm from my place and I reached the airport at 12.05 am. Two of my friends accompanying me reached the airport early and we walked in to check in and complete the customs formalities and collect the boarding pass.

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways | Image Resource :

Bangkok Airways took off at 1.05 am and we were quite comfortably seated in our Economy Class. I opted for this airline for it offered low fares for certain destinations, especially Bangkok. Moreover, it is promoting itself as the ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’ by specializing in offering personalized service to guests. It also offers some new destinations, which are quite exotic in nature.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok | Image Resource :

Meanwhile, we were offered early breakfast by the flight attendant. The airline offered us to choose the food, where we preferred to have vegetarian food. The flight was comfortable and we could relax better for there was enough room to stretch ourselves. We reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7 am and proceeded straight to complete the formalities.


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