Belghar Kandhamal – Beauty of Mother Nature

After exploring the mesmerizing beauty of the Daringbadi hills, we moved on to our next destination. However, before that, we had some food at a nearby restaurant as we were a bit tired after exploring different parts of the hills. Belghar Kandhamal was our next destination and is considered to be mainly inhabited by a tribe known as Kutia Kondha.

We knew that the members of the tribe believe in the age old traditions of hut dwelling and food gathering. Despite living in the forests for years, people belonging to the tribe are considered to be very hospitable and friendly.

Wooden Cottage Belghar

Wooden Cottage Belghar | Image Resource :

However, we were more interested in catching a glimpse of the mighty elephants which are believed to be extremely common here. Belghar is actually the name of a hamlet situated at a height of around 2555 feet over the sea. We also came to know that the spot is ideal for different kinds of adventurous activities such as trekking to reach the hills nearby. I felt a bit sad as I didn’t bring any of my kit but used the SLR to capture the best of photos.

We also visited the Kotagarh Sanctuary which was located nearby. We came to know that the sanctuary is a must visit place for tourists who have interest in exploring the wild undisturbed. We could spot that there were many labourers who were involved in the construction of a tourist bungalow and a forest rest house. One of the best things about the area was the presence of a properly built road so that people can easily visit the place whenever they want. One of my friends told me that things related to cane and built here are famous throughout the world.

At first, we were a bit sceptical in entering the dense forests but finally entered it to understand what I was going to miss. We came across many unique animals and birds and I didn’t leave any opportunity to capture them with my SLR. But since it was getting dark, we chose to leave the place a bit early and returned to the hotel.


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