Daringbadi Kandhamal – One of the Most Beautiful Hill Stations In Eastern India

The next destination in our list was the Daringbadi Kandhamal which is considered to be one of the most famous hill stations in this part of the world. Many people find the hills so beautiful that they call it as the Kashmir of Odisha. Daringabadi is located in Kandhmal district and has a height of more than 900m. The presence of different types of natural bounties comprising of beautiful valleys coffee gardens and pine jungles make the place extremely pleasing.

On our way to the hill station, the driver told us that the hill station is a wonderful spot with dense rain forests comprising of wild animals on all sides. We were lucky that we were visiting the hills during the summer as this is considered to be the ideal time to do so. On reaching the spot, we could easily figure that nature has bestowed the place with natural marvels like gardens of coffee, turmeric, black pepper, jungles of pine, plateaus and beautiful valleys.

One of the locals informed us that it is the state’s only place which experiences frozen dew during the winters. It is believed that the temperature of the top of the hills goes below 0 degree in the morning which results in the dew getting converted to ice. The journey from the valleys to the top of the hills was awesome. The cool atmosphere and the lush green cover over the hills presented a sight to remember. It is located at a distance of 58 km from G. Udaygiri and 50 km from Balliguda.

Daringbadi Hill Station Road Kandhamal

Daringbadi Hill Station Road Kandhamal | Image Resource : bcmtouring.com

On reaching the High View Point, we were mesmerized to have a sight of the entire Darigbadi and the neighbourhood. We could also spot two black pepper and coffee plantations which are handled by the local forest department. We also came across the Doluri river which is famous for its falls and the endless natural beauties it creates.

Some other famous spots which attract tourists throughout the year include Putudi Waterfalls, Belghar Sanctuary, etc. We were a bit tired as we had to climb such a great height but we got all the value in exchange for the efforts.


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