Puri Beach Attracts Beach Lovers from Different Corners of the Globe

After exploring the Sun Temple in Konarak, we were a bit tired and it was getting dark. So we decided to return back to our hotel and continue our trip the next day. We woke up a bit late the next day as we didn’t have plans to go anywhere in the morning. Our plan was to spend the entire morning relaxing and bathing in the waves of the Bay of Bengal. I was extremely excited for this moment as I had been dying to get wet in the waters of the sea.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach | Image Resource : trekearth.com

We had our breakfast at the hotel and got ready in our swimming costumes in order to have the time of our lives. The sight of the waves running in from Bay of Bengal and breaking on the coastline was simply awesome. We could easily spot a large number of tourists who were having fun on the beaches. One of the major factors which make Puri a great tourist spot is that it gives the opportunity to explore a plethora of religious spots and then have fun on the beaches.

Camel Drive in Puri Beach

Camel Drive in Puri Beach | Image Resource : nativeplanet.com

We knew that the beaches have been one of the most sacred venues for a large number of pilgrims for ages. We came to know that during the month of November, a Beach Festival is organized every year. The festival has contributed a lot in making the beach a great tourist destination for Indians as well as foreigners. We were lucky that there wasn’t much crowd at the time of our visit and so we could have fun in the waters to our heart’s content. The joy of pulling each other inside the sea and then drowning them was simply unforgettable.

Sunset View in Puri Beach

Sunset View in Puri Beach | Image Resource : pbase.com

We also captured many photographs with my SLR so that I can keep them as my golden memories. Another famous thing about the Puri beach is the sand which has been used by Sudarshan Pathak, an internationally famed artist, to create different types of sand sculptures. We could also spot many shops along the beaches from where I bought a few things as souvenirs. The sight of the sun going down in the huge waters was mesmerizing as well.


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