Muktesvara Temple Odisha – Defining Odisha’s Architecture With Its Plush Beauty

After exploring the rich forms of art put up on display at the Sudarshan Craft Museum, we moved on to our next destination which was the Muktesvara Temple Odisha. It is actually located in Bhubaneswar and we had to travel a lot before finally arriving there.

It is considered to be a tenth century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is no doubt about the fact that the temple has played a great role in shaping up the different forms of architecture found in the state.

Muktesvara Temple Odisha

Muktesvara Temple Odisha | Image Resource :

Thanks to the elegant looks and exquisite sculptures that many people refer to it as one of the state’s jewels. In its present form, the temple comprises of pancharatha with the prabhaga or platform consisting of five different mouldings. One of the unique features of the ancient temples of the state is the presence of 3 fold division in the lower story. The modern temples on the other hand showcase a more elaborate way of styling which doesn’t contain any squat figures or dopichha lions.

We came to know that the pidha deul used to be the jagamohana of the temple and has a beautifully decorate ceiling which has been designed in the form of a lotus having eight petals. On the southern and northern walls of the Jagamohana, we could spot many latticed windows in the shape of a diamond.

The windows represented the naughtiness of the monkeys which are a part and parcel of Orissa. The rathas located at the corners are designed with female figures which are extremely praiseworthy with their unique expressive faces and presence of exquisite forms of jewellery and hair styles.

There were several niches on the octagonal wall covering the temple and these included delicate scroll, lotus medallion, wheel, etc. Another mesmerizing thing about the temple was the arch which was decorated with numerous delicate scroll work, languorously reclining girls, etc. We also visited the Marichi Kund which is a small well located at the end of the sinister. One of the locals told us that they believe that the well’s water has the ability to treat infertility problems of women.


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