At Long Last, My Forte – The Famous Vaigai Dam

Every city needs its reservoir of water for its various purposes. And I am more excited than my words can express, to visit the Vaigai Dam that rests in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu. Built across the Vaigai River near Andipatti, this dam provides irrigation to the Madurai and Dindigul Districts and also drinking water to Andipatti and Madurai.

Vaigai Dam Madurai

Vaigai Dam Madurai | Image Resource :

Madurai enjoys the experimented cultivation of a variety of crops that include rice, cotton, sorghum, cowpea and blackgram from the irrigated supply of water that the Vaigai Dam provides. The Government of Tamil Nadu has a special Agricultural Research Station that handles all the experiments.

History and Significance of the Dam

Scaling to a tall 111-foot reservoir, the dam stores up to 6,143 mcft at 71 feet. Supplying irrigation since 21 January 1959, the Vaigai dam also has a small and a very beautiful park, which is maintained along with the dam by the Water Resources Department along both sides of the dam. The Vaigai Hydroelectric Power Plant is also designed to a capacity of 6MWe with 2 units of 3 MW each. Providing clean power, the Vaigai Dam is indeed a blessing and a boon to the city of Madurai and its surroundings.

Vaigai Dam

Vaigai Dam | Image Resource :

A simple short bridge connects either sides of the park in front of the dam. The park is open to public and has a tiny children’s play area too. Open from morning 6 to evening 6, one can simply plan a picnic with the family and enjoy a laid back evening. I feel a sense of Upliftment as I stroll through the park. The cleanliness, the lush greens, sounds of little children playing and laughing, all hit me with a sense of adrenaline, wanting to stay behind for a few more days.

I am informed that the best season to visit the damn would be between August and November. School children having their Industrial Visits, tourists gathering in groups to enjoy the cool of the water and view the beauty of the water falling from the reservoir, are all definitely worthy clicks with a Camera. Care to join me the next time?


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