At the Gandhi Memorial Museum – Peace and Patriotism!

After five days of holy visits and educational tours, I have embarked on the journey to finding the Patriotic emotion at the Gandhi Memorial Museum. This museum is in fact one of the five Sanghralayas in our country. This one in particular proudly holds a part of the bloodstained garment that Gandhi wore on his day of assassination.

Gandhi Memorial Museum Madurai

Gandhi Memorial Museum Madurai | Image Resource :

 Memorials have been built nation wide in the name of Mahatma Gandhi after his brutal assassination, with the help of contributions form the poor and the rich. The Mahatma Gandhi National Memorial Trust was formed and is still in charge of all the memorials. I see here a picture of then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, inaugurating this museum on 15 April 1959. The museum was given so much importance that the palace of Rani Mangammal was renovated to accommodate the museum.

Library At Gandhi Memorial Museum

Library At Gandhi Memorial Museum | Image Resource :

The Curios and Artifacts at the Memorial

Several pieces of trinkets and artifacts that remind us of the freedom fighter have been preserved over the years in the museum. An actual original letter of congratulation written by Gandhi to the famous poet Subramania Bharati and one written by the Father of our Nation to Adolf Hitler, addressing him as a Dear Friend have been preserved here.

Photographs of Gandhiji In Museum

Photographs of Gandhiji In Museum | Image Resource :

At Gandhi Memorial

At Gandhi Memorial | Image Resource :

I walked around the India “Fights for Freedom“ exhibition, and was enamored by the illustrious history of the Freedom Movement. In a very quiet corner of the whole building is the memorial of Gandhiji, containing the Visual Biography made from photos, paintings, sculptures, quotations, manuscripts and more. There were many photocopies of letters written by Gandhiji himself and his renderings. I came across over 124 rare photographs indicating various phases of Bapuji from his childhood to the day he was cremated.

Gandhi Memorial Museum

Gandhi Memorial Museum | Image Resource :

I was moved every bit as I learned from all the details that lay before me. He has indeed lived his life as a National leader and is the best example for us all. A very quiet and peaceful day this, has shown me how much silence can speak in volumes and still stay very calm. The ahimsa he taught us all still lives through in the walls of the memorial, fighting for our value and rights.


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