North Meets South – The Exciting Flight From Mumbai to Madurai!

When I set about as a Mechanical Engineer, I never knew that my thirst for adventure, culture and history would continue, in the world of trendy cultures and modern technology. And yet, here I am on my way from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai, en route Madurai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai | Image Resource : cathaypacific/

The ‘Athens of the East’, as Madurai is globally called has been in existence for over 2400 years. Abundant in tradition, culture and heritage, Madurai has seduced me to its heart. And so I have embarked on my adventure with my best mate, my SLR, up in the clouds. Words could not describe the beauty of mother Earth as I stare in awe down the window from my seat.

I had plenty of time to ponder all the Mumbai Madurai Routes that I could choose from. I came across a 27-hour journey by Bus, offering me plenty of time to capture the scenic transformations as I reached my destination. I also notice that the train routes from Mumbai to Madurai are also an approximation of 27 hours.

Air India Airlines

Air India Airlines | Image Resource :

En Route Madurai

Though I am usually one to choose the cheaper mode of travel, I wished to spend more time exploring the city than my travel to the city itself. I chose to fly in the Air India Airlines, which could take me from Mumbai to Madurai Via Chennai in only a matter of 3 hours. I am very grateful to the airways for their quality service and their fantabulous gourmet meal.

Madurai International Airport

Madurai International Airport | Image Resource :

My flight was uneventful and I was brought to my destination safe and sound by the experienced staff. My fingers itch and my tongue twitches as they sense the inviting scent of the city, yearning to be a part of it and experience its every rubble.

With my feet back on terra firma, I couldn’t wait for my baggage to arrive and drive up to the city where my new adventure awaits me. Don’t be deterred, you will find all of my adventures in the upcoming articles along with the wholesome goodness of the pictures my SLR has shot for you.


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