Tilinga Mandir Temple Assam Will Take Your Breath Away!

To end our trip we decided to visit the much talked about Tilinga Mandir Temple Assam. This beautiful temple was surely a sight for sore eyes! This wonderfully crafted bell temple was beautifully crafted with bells that were made of bronze, brass, copper and even aluminium.

Legend has it that when you visit this temple and offer a bell for donation you get to make one wish that lord Shiva himself will fulfil. As per the folklore we donated a small brass bell to the temple and made a wish. Situated in Bordubi in the Tinsukia District, this temple proved to be one of the best temples I had seen in a long time.

Lord Shiva is one of the supreme deities in Hindu culture. He is known as the destroyer of all evil and feared because of his temper. He is depicted as a Yogi that lived in the Himalayas with his wife Parvathi and two sons. He is most worshiped in the aniconic form of the Lingham.

Tilinga Mandir Temple Assam

Tilinga Mandir Temple Assam | Image Resource : tinsukiaonline.com

In the early nineteenth century, the tea workers in and around the area on which the temple is now built witnessed a Shiv Linga emerging. As a tribute to the strong and mighty Hindu god, a temple was built around it and to this day people from all over the world come to see and pray here.

There are many ways to reach this exquisite location. If you travel by train you could get off at the “Tinsukai town station” and catch a bus from there. Travelling this way is the most inexpensive means that is available.

We went on a Monday and to our pleasant surprise, Monday’s in Hindu Mythology is considered as lord Shiva’s day. We got to witness a wonderful darshan and be a part of something extremely powerful and memorable.

There is an extremely old Peepal tree where all devotees tie the bells on. This tree is considered both sacred and holy. After the wonderful darshan we sat at the steps of the temple for a while just to take in all the positive energy that the temple radiates. This location is indeed a must visit!


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