Bamuni Hills Tezpur Will Give You A Brief Idea AboutIndia’s History!

I did a lot of research about this place before actually heading out there. I am a history buff and this place seemed extremely intriguing to me. When I read about this spot online, I read about the various broken down sculptures and ruins that dated back to the ninth and tenth centuries.

This spot is also known to give you the best view and to have a picnic. The car ride to this location wasn’t too tiring as the roads weren’t as bad as I expected. For someone who loves to visit new places and learn new things, this place was a deadly combination of both.

Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam

Bamuni Hills Tezpur Assam | Image Resource :

I learnt that the carvings were dated back to the Gupta period in India and this raised a lot of questions in my head because the Nagara style of architecture has no place in Assam but is found in plenty at this sight.

After our long journey and informative viewing of this sight we set out to have a nice and peaceful picnic. Since I read about how this place is very nice to have picnics at, I packed a few sandwiches and sodas to have while enjoying the magnificent view. We asked our tour guide to join us as well and he was enlightened by our request.

Sculpture of Bamuni Hills Tezpur

Sculpture of Bamuni Hills Tezpur | Image Resource :

I took out my camera and started clicking away while the crimson sun toughed the horizon, closing in on another day. I truly enjoyed this experience and would surly go back if I was ever in the area. The rich history and architecture gives you a beautiful backdrop for pictures as well. The only thing that this place lacks is the government taking an initiative to make this more of a tourist location.

Bamuni Hills Tezpur

Bamuni Hills Tezpur | Image Resource :

The sandwiches didn’t suffice as the day we had was terribly long. We reached Tezpur within a few minutes after from the Bamuni Hills and stopped at a wonderful restaurant called ‘Maaihang Restaurant’. The Stuffed Tengri Kebab is a must try, it will leave you licking your fingers and wanting more. It is a very affordable hotel and will ensure you leave full and happy!


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