Visit The Wonderful Assam State Zoo For A Day Of Fun And Frolic!

This is the most beautiful and largest zoo in the north eastern region. This exquisite zoo is spread across four hundred and thirty two acres of land and is home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Assam State Zoo has a botanical garden within it and thus makes it very different from any other zoos around.

This beautiful place was first established in the year 1982 and has ever since been a very commercial and tourist oriented spot. The entire look of the zoo resembles a jungle and where else would you find a forest of sorts inside the city?

Entrance of Assam State Zoo

Entrance of Assam State Zoo | Image Resource :

The animals looked really healthy and well fed. The forest department is working with the zoo staff to ensure all the animals are safe and secure. Any food or drink from outside isn’t allowed inside the zoo and thus I would advise people not to carry anything edible with them. All the wild animals are kept in clean and protected enclosures and thus there is no danger involved at all.

Assam State Zoo Will Be A Fun Filled Experience!

You can walk around for hours and click pictures of all the wonderful animals and plants around. The best part about this zoo is that each enclosure has proper descriptions about the animals it holds. The name, age, type and a brief description is given to enlighten the viewer.

Assam State Zoo

Assam State Zoo | Image Resource :

The natural environment that the zoo tries to achieve works well because many more tourists are attracted to this place. If you have kids then they will surely enjoy themselves and even learn a thing or two. My personal favourite was the white tiger exhibit. I have never before seen a white tiger and thus couldn’t help myself from clicking lots and lots of pictures of that majestic beast.

Home to over eight hundred and ninety five species of animals, and hundred and thirteen species of birds, this large zoo is nothing short of amazing. The zoo also is home to a wonderful museum that is very insightful. Make sure you visit and have the time of your life!


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