Madras War Cemetery Chennai – Final Home to Martyrs

The historical places and stories have always attracted me. In fact the history of our own country India makes me very proud. And the fight for independence, the sacrifices of several countrymen and the soldiers make me feel proud as an Indian. Sometimes it really makes me thoughtful when I think of the families of the soldiers who became martyrs in some war or the other. Staying away from their homes they guard our country at the borders so that the rest of the country can sleep in peace. They must also feel home sick at times, but cannot return home any time they want.

Madras War Cemetery Chennai

Madras War Cemetery Chennai | Image Resource :

Whenever any news about any soldiers being killed at borders comes to my ears, I think how miserable it must have been for his family way back at his home to bear the pain of such a great loss. Similar thoughts were crossing my mind when I was beholding the tombs of the martyrs of the Second World War in Madras war cemetery Chennai. Located in Nandambakkam in Chennai, this place was built in 1952 to pay tribute to the lives lost in the Second World War.

A quick walk around the place reveals that the headstones are set up according to the dates. It was miserable to see that a dozen or more soldiers have died on the same dates in various combat situations. The headstones are remarkable that depict the amount of detail on them. Soldiers of mere 19 years have their headstones in the cemetery. The details on the headstones are very elaborate that reveals the age, name, rank, hometown, qualification and the names of the family members who buried them.

There are also messages from the bereaved fiancées, wives, parents, siblings and daughters of the departed souls. The walk around the cemetery provides a glimpse into the history of mankind. It bears the remnants of people born 100 years ago in Victorian and Edwardian England, who lost their lives in India.

Definitely not every tourist’s cup of tea, this solemn Madras War Cemetery Chennai is a must-visit for the World War Junkies or the historians.


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