Light House Chennai – Catching a Glimpse of Chennai

Adventure has always enticed me. So whenever I get a chance to go for an adventurous trip I hardly miss that. And being in Chennai for a short trip, I hardly found any adventurous place to visit. I personally like adventurous explorations like trekking, riding, etc. But in Chennai I was not getting any of these. So I decided to visit the famous Marina Beach. So I took my smartphone and made my reservations through my travel app.

Light House Chennai

Light House Chennai | Image Resource :

Marina Beach is a decent place to visit. At least I could click a few nice snaps and the sea also attracts me a lot. The huge waves crashing at the shores resemble the tumultuous rhythm of human lives – sometimes high, sometimes low. I was taking pictures of the sea and few little kids playing at the shore, making sand castles, when suddenly I heard two people talking of visiting the Light House Chennai. Hearing them, I also thought of visiting the place. Previously I had heard of this light house, so I thought of seeing the edifice finally.

This Light house was closed for the visitors for security purposes from 1991, after the assassination of former Prime Minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi. But after many years this has been reopened for the visitors. This is the first modern light house of Chennai with electric lights and the only light house provided with elevator. This is a ten floored edifice. The elevator took us straight to the viewing gallery on the ninth floor. Two balconies are used as viewing galleries that are guarded well by the steel welded mesh panels, planted to avoid suicidal attempts which had been encountered in the past.

A few children were there in the gallery who were clinging to their parents being afraid to view the ground from such a height. The bird’s eye view was really thrilling, though I thought it would have been more interesting if there were no bars surrounding the gallery. The gust of air from over the sea was really refreshing. The tenth floor is not open to the public and has high security radar.

The Marina Chennai Light House inside Chennai City is the only light house in India lying within the city limits. The next destination that I decided to explore in Chennai was Madras War cemetery Chennai.


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