Fort St George Chennai – A Place with Historical Significance

Everyday work and hectic schedule has made my life very monotonous and mechanical. Oh, you must be wondering what else to expect from the life of a mechanical engineer, right? If so then I must say that all engineers might not like the boring profession. Truly the immense work pressure sometimes suffocates man from inside. In such cases the only way to escape from the pressure is to go for holidays. If long leaves are not possible, then people must take short breaks and opt for some weekend tours to somewhere near to their home. I always try to utilise these short breaks. The Chennai trip was one of such. And travelling alone, I like to explore the remote corners of the holiday destinations. This time also I was visiting all the famous places of the city, of which Fort St George Chennai is one.

Fort St George Chennai

Fort St George Chennai | Image Resource :

Once a fort during the British period, Fort St George Chennai has now become the seat of the State Government’s administration, i.e. the Secretariat. Hence, there is tight security and restricted entrance. The Secretariat houses the offices of the Cabinet Ministers and the Chief Minister and also the State Assembly and offices of various Government departments.

There are also some defence establishments. The campus of St. George contains the oldest Anglican Church in India, St. Mary’s Church. Its prayer house is said to be the witness to the marriages of Robert Clive and Governor Elihu Yale. It is also popularly called the ‘Westminster Abbey of the East’.

Apart from the Church there is also a museum in the campus that is the storehouse of information relating to the growth, trading influence in the Madras area and the development of the fort. It has a collection of weapons, coins, medals, uniforms, etc. from Scotland, England, France and India that are the remnants of the British rule in India. The canons of Tipu Sultan adorn the rampart of the museum. And the flag staff is the tallest one in whole India. So my tour of the Fort St George Chennai was indeed a nice one as I collected a lot of pictures of it. The next destination was Light House Chennai, which I was eagerly waiting to behold.


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