Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai – An Illustration of Medieval Architecture

Life of a mechanical engineer gets boring at times when it comes to the daily routine. I often get tired of the monotonous schedule of my life and wait to get an opportunity for breathing some fresh air. Since an engineer’s work doesn’t allow him to take many leaves, so I take short trips to nearby places whenever I get a chance. Since childhood this whole idea of travelling and visiting new places and know their historical background has always allured me a lot. As a kid I was very fond of stories and especially real life stories attracted me a lot. It sort of painted all the incidents in front of my eyes. Now as a grown up individual I do feel attracted to such places of interests, but I have a new companion with me, my SLR. I can capture all the memorable works in them. Thus, I collected a number of pictures of the Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai, which is undoubtedly a great work of art.

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai | Image Resource :

Easy to reach for its location, the mosque stands at the crossing of Mount Road and Peters Road within the confines of the city of Chennai. The Thousand Lights Mosque, located on the Anna Salai Road is a famous pilgrimage site for the Shia Muslims. The hall of the mosque is said to be illuminated by 1000 oil lamps, from which this mosque earned its name. Truly the mosque is an architectural splendour revealing a medieval architectural style. The serene ambience gives a peace to your mind. The mosque has many domes and two high minarets. The main hall of the mosque is used by men for offering prayers and a separate prayer hall is there for women. It is nice to behold fathers teaching their child to offer prayer in the mosque. It shows how culture and tradition is transferred down the generation. The Dargah on the second floor hold the sanctuary of Imam Hossein and Abolfazl-al-Abbas.

Though the Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai has been refurbished many times since its foundation, it is still a prominent tourist attraction in Chennai. Another attraction is Fort St George Chennai, which attracted me for its historical background.


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