St. Thomas Basilica Chennai, the most compelling seat of Lord where peace prevailed

Built in the memory of St. Thomas, one of the revered apostles of Jesus Christ, the Saint Thomas Basilica Chennai is definitely worth a visit. He came to the city of Chennai in 52AD and began preaching the ways of the Christ to the devout Christians. Having led a pious life in the service of God, he took his last breath in the city itself in 72 AD. The beauty and the exclusivity of the shrine is this that it stands over the tomb of the great priest.

St. Thomas Basilica Chennai

St. Thomas Basilica Chennai | Image Resource :

This church turned Basilica has been the most frequent place since then and it has been said that pilgrims from as far as England have come to pay their respects and to pray in this church. The splendor of the church had been comparable to some of the famous churches in Europe. However, it has also been recorded that the church got in ruins later and the Portuguese had been saviors ten who took the pains to reconstruct some of the portions of the church to bring it back to its previous glory. Visiting such an important landmark and monument had been my good fortune. I entered the church in complete awe and looked around with a totally engaged expression to observe the vibrant architecture of the place. Much of it appeared gothic and just like the gothic churches are, the tall spires of the church had reminded me some of the similar churches that I may have seen.

But there was one facet in the church which totally captivated my attention. The stained glass of the windows had the most famous depiction of how Jesus Christ appeared in front of the revered saint and instilled his faith in the Lord. People also come from far lands just to have a look at the statue of Mary which is supposed to be the place where St. Francis Xavier used to kneel and pray. It is believed that the famous saint had spent some months within the vicinity of the church. The peace and the serenity of St. Thomas Basilica Chennai had been totally overwhelming and once I left, I felt extremely blessed.


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