Marina Beach Chennai – For Most Satiating Time with Sand, Sea and Sights

Just when I thought that nothing could beat the thrill of being in the zoo, I am taken to the Marina Beach Chennai where the golden sand awaits you to knock you out of your senses. The blue sea and it’s never ending strip with the majestic sunset that I was yet to come in grips with seemed ethereal. It seemed just the right place at the right time. I am told that this strip is considered the longest strip in the world and much of the development of the area can be credited to the Governor of 1880s who took all the pains to develop the area for the pleasure of the tourists. I progressed towards the beach and stopped in my tracks to marvel at the sunset which looked beyond description. The ball of fire before diving into the sea had colored all the surroundings into the rich palette shades of its own. The scene looked heavenly.

Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach Chennai | Image Resource :

If that seemed lacking in any way to captivate and behold the visitor’s senses, the faint breeze that blew had the aroma of the salty air and the pulsating environment. Nothing could have been a better way to conclude my day. Once I was able to take my eyes away from the scenery, I paid attention to the various monuments that lined up the golden shores. There were memorials of MG Ramachandran, Annadurai and statues of various Tamilian scholars and patriots like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose lined up for the visitors and tourists to explore and appreciate. A little away is the aquarium and the ice-house but hunger struck and I busied myself with the local cuisine being sold at the vendors. Some of the region specialties like the murukku, sundal and other south Indian snacks were hugely tempting.

I ate to my heart’s content and dug into all the various delicacies that the beach side could offer me at the Marina Beach Chennai. It was very satisfactory, the food and the day. The next day I would head to St. Thomas Basilica Chennai which had come recommended from all quarters to me.


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