Train Travel from Mumbai to Chennai by Chennai Mail – A Beginning of My Exciting Trip to South India

To unwind from my hectic lifestyle, I decided to take a short break from work and the best thing was to travel by the train from Mumbai to Chennai by Chennai Mail and soak up the sights and sample the native food and just relax. I started from my residence by hailing a cab and reached the CST station 30 minutes prior to my departure that was scheduled at 11.45 PM.  After a simple dinner at home, I was looking forward to a quiet siesta in the train to recharge my already worked up batteries. Since I had some spare time on my hands before I could board the train, I took out my SLR and started clicking away pictures of weary travelers awaiting their train, some of which were supposed to depart the next day.

Chennai Mail

Chennai Mail | Image Resource :

Since they had nowhere to stay for the night, they were camping on the already crowded platforms. The train came in at 11.30 PM; some clean-up staff was still giving the final touches to the cleaning of the couch. I boarded the compartment, arranged my baggage, and settled down in my seat waiting for the train to depart.

The train departed on time at 11.45 PM. The pantry staffs were moving up and down selling their wares and late night snacks and dinner for the ones who did not have the privilege to eat before boarding the train. The first halt after CST was Dadar where many passengers got in. After Kalyan station, the train picked up speed I settled down on the berth for a good night’s rest.

Midway say about 3.00 AM there was a huge scream from a woman passenger and all woke up wondering as to what must be the reason behind the scream. Thankfully it was nothing just a routine nightmare the women was having in her sleep. Heaving a sigh, I continued with my sleep that was now a little difficult to come by.

Finally, I woke up from sleep by 6.00, got fresh and waited for my cuppa of coffee. Then after a breakfast of soggy idlis and more cups of tea and coffee, I settled down with my camera to click photographs of all the major stations on the journey to Chennai. Especially stations like Gulbarga, Kem and Sholapur junction were good for photography and then waiting for the setting sun pictures in Guntakal and Gooty. The train was supposed to reach Chennai central at by 4.00 in the morning the day after. Thankfully, the train travel from Mumbai to Chennai by the Chennai Mail turned out to be uneventful until I disembarked at 5.00 AM nearly an hour later.


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