Freedom Park Bangalore – A Captivating Visit

Bangalore city is quite well known as City Of Gardens for the numerous beautiful parks all around the city. The Freedom Park Bangalore is one such park which is identified as one of the most visited landmarks of Bangalore. It was initially the Central Jail, opened for public in the recent November 2008. Renowned leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K Advani served and were jailed at this venue at the time of emergency in 1975. They had separate VIP prison cells here Built by British in 1863, this park used to shelter thousands of prisoners and freedom fighters.

When this prison outran the number of prisoners it could behold, the government decided to move the facility along with all the prisoners to another location. Later this place became host to various rallies and protests including Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign, it ended up being called Freedom Park. There was no ticket to visit the park. There are two entrances namely Ramchandra Rao Road and Sheshadri Road. I saw the main wall featuring iconic Sachin Tendulkar hitting the ball with his bat. It was a huge park particularly designed to hold demonstration, rallies and protests with leaders speaking in public across the park. There is a VIP section to house high profile prisoners and three large barracks to shelter common prisoners.

There is a tall central watch tower which I presumed served the purpose of keeping an eye on every single movement of the prison inmates. Some of the main attractions of the park are the Amphitheatre, Jail Museum, Asoka Pillar, Water fountain, Book Museum and a separate playing area for children. I also visited the art and craft Bazaar right inside the premises of the park. Too my utter disappointment the cafeteria of the park was not in function during my visit so I was famished during the last few hours. There was life like dummies of prisoners present in the barracks which gave the place an essence of reality. Well the concept of freedom cannot be explained better or felt in a better way than paying a visit to this Central Jain Turned Freedom Park Bangalore.


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