Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore – A Day with Gods and Goddesses

Bangalore is a city of modern era, yet the fact it hosts some beautiful temples right in its heart cannot be denied. One such temple is the Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore. It is one of the most ancient monuments in this city. Built by the historic ruler Jayappa Gowda, son of Ramabhaire Gowda, the architecture of this temple is a work of art. It is said that King Jayappa was instructed in his dream by a man to locate a hidden Shivalinga and build a temple. He built this temple taking advice from a man who existed but only in his dreams.

Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore

Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore | Image Resource :

There are various visual treats to someone who visits this temple. Exquisite features like the huge Nandi pillar right in front of the Gopura. The beautiful Gopura beholds impeccably carved effigies of various gods and goddesses. The Nandi Mantapa hosts 48 pillars depicting carvings of divinities. The carved pillars in the Navagrahas temple to the north depict the 12 Hindu zodiac signs or “rashis”. The Garba Gruha is guarded by two ‘dwarapalakas’.

The temple is a home to amazing sculptures narrating the epic tale of King Ravana lifting up the entire Mount Kailasha just to please Lord Shiva and hold his presence in the kingdom of Lanka for eternity. There is also an effigy of Goddess Durga who killed Demon Mahishasura to save entire mankind. Visitors also worship Lord Vishnu and Brahma at this temple. One of the attractions of the temple was the carvings of the ‘girija kalyana’ which is a name given to the holy wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The wedding procession also included Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, the seven saints, the 11 rudras and the 12 Aditya’s.

Bheemeshwara, Arunachaleshwara, Chandramouleshwara and Nanjudeshwara are four other Linga’s that grace the temple apart from the Someshwara itself. The responsibility of maintenance and cleanliness of the temple is under the Muzra Department. The Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore can easily find a golden spot on the maps of tour operators accounting to such beautiful display of legends Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The last thing on my list will be a refreshing stroll in the well known Freedom Park Bangalore.


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