Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore – A Musical Tribute to a Legend

Music is the most convenient key to serenity and musicians are the wizards that make us feel that magic. One such musician was the famous violinist Tirumakudalu Chowdiah. The Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore in Malleswaram was built as a tribute to this immortal wizard in 1980. It was conceptualized by the former chairman of BDA, KK Murthy. He chose Gayatri Park extension area to ensure the hall is visible from a specific elevated point.

Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore

Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore | Image Resource :

This cultural centre built in the shape of a violin provides a shelter for theatrical and musical performances and also hosts competitions to discover hidden talent. This hall is not just a tribute to a famous musician, but also to the use of Violin which has been a part of the Carnatic music for the past 200 years.

This huge seven stringed violin along with marble foyer lit chandeliers is the only structure across the globe which is built in the memory of a musician. It is also an exclusive piece of architecture ever built in the shape of a violin. This air conditioning hall has a capacity to accommodate a sum of 1045 people. It’s well manufactured and designed acoustics, powerful sound system and power has been made to ensure uninterrupted performances throughout. It is the most preferred venue for city’s cultural events and is said to have bookings throughout the year.

The gentle slope and well designed seating system is made so for maximum comfort and perfect vision for every person who is a part of the audience. It has been administered by Academy of Music which is an independent body founded in 1961. The main concert hall hosts plays, music converts and dance recitals. It can easily be identified as Bangalore’s cultural hotspot. This place is a treat for lovers of art, music and metamorphosis of various cultures. I had a satisfying lunch in the canteen attached to the main hall, clicked numerous pictures to add to the memories of my visit to Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore. After feeding my love for music and art, it was time for some prayers at my next destination, which was the famous Ragigudda Anjanya Temple Bangalore.


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