Bangalore Fort – A Glimpse of History

Built in 1537 as a mere mud fort by Kempe Gouda, Bangalore Fort was converter to a stone fort by Haider Ali later in 1762. It served as the permanent shelter of Tipu Sultan until 1791 Mysore war when British overtook it. Most of the fort presently exists as house schools and hospitals.

Most of the fort is crushed down and dismantled. Yet one can still see parts of what used to be a magnificent historical structure. The archaeological survey of India is responsible for the maintenance of the fort at present. Public visiting hours of the monument are between 9AM to 6 PM. I reached the destination with my backpack and camera at around 12 in the noon. I approached the ticket counter and bought myself a ticket for Rs.350 to the fort along with a guide who would tell me the history related to this place. I entered the premises and was astounded by this majestic work of architecture. I was told by the guide that the fort still rests in possession of the heirs of the rulers who had built it. It is an exceptionally well maintained palace. It was unfortunate to discover that a few parts of the fort were still closed for the general public.

I was lucky that I could catch a glimpse of a Kannada movie scene being shot with the fort as the primary location. I witnessed the collection of the owner of the palace which showcased uncanny replicas of various famous paintings from around the globe. The biggest attraction was the tables that were described by the guide to have been made out of elephants as well as horse’s foot which the king had poached in his existence.

The Delhi gate and the remnants of 2 bastations are all that remains of the Bangalore Fort. The Motifs and beautiful carved decorations on the wooden doors, the protective spikes for the purpose of stopping elephants from breaking the door open is a clear example of the brilliant Islamic Architecture. Bangalore Fort is a must visit for anyone landing in Bangalore. Next on the list is the famous Chodiah Memorial Hall Bangalore.


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