Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore – A Rapturous Abode for Stressful Visitors

Being located about 35 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore; Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore is the perfect spot to be arrived after a long drive with the loved ones from the city. It takes around one hour or two to reach the beautiful lake and get amazed with its breathtaking views. Birds that are the best gift to the nature keep on chirping in this peaceful lake. After having a thrilling and upside down journey of the amusement park, I strongly needed a break and stability to be with myself and my inner peace. It was an entirely opposite journey from the place which I got arrived to the lake.

Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore | Image Resource : tripstor.com

It is said that the lake is manmade and was create in 1894 which is spread in the area of nearly 1000 acres. Watching exotic birds is the common yet mesmerizing activity of the lake. To stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and overcome the existence of monotony in an individual’s life, this place is perfect. Not only the birds but the lake is encompassed by beautiful and stunning natural allure. Rare species of birds can be seen sometimes if the visitor is fortunate enough to be there at that specified period. The stagnant and serene water of the lake provides a complete restful mind to the stressed people. The birds frolicking in the region of the lake kept me spell binding and I was constantly gazing at them without blinking my eyes.

They are simply adorable and charming. In the months of winter there are innumerable migratory birds that come to visit the lake. Kingfishers, Wagtails, Bushlarks, Paddy field pipit, Black kite, etc are some of the rare birds that can be easily seen in and around this lake. The time that I spent beside the lake left some of the excellent memories of the lake and its exotic features. It is simply attractive as well as soothes the mind and soul equally with a delightful remembrance that lasts longer. Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore shares the experience of its own and I would remain grateful to the destiny that made my evening and the journey memorable.


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